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This is the classifier and training/running scripts for the elements classifier. This is used to build a model for the testai appium-classifier-plugin(

System setup

You will need to install Tensorflow(, Google's open source AI framework.

pip install tensorflow

Build Classifier

To build the classifier from the provided images run the following.

python --image_dir training_images/ --output_graph output/saved_model.pb --output_labels output/saved_model.pbtxt --how_many_training_steps 4000 --learning_rate 0.30 --testing_percentage 25 --validation_percentage 25 --eval_step_interval 50 --train_batch_size 2000 --test_batch_size -1 --validation_batch_size -1 --bottleneck_dir /tmp/bottleneck

Run Classifier

To use the classifier to classify images, run the script under sample_run/ directory.

python cart.png