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Python client for classifier server
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The code in this directory defines a client library for use with the gRPC-based classifier server.

Installation & Setup

pip install testai_classifier


This package exposes a ClassifierClient class:

from testai_classifier import ClassifierClient

You can use it to attempt to match images to a semantic label:

def classify():
    client = ClassifierClient(HOST, PORT)
    # assume cart_img and menu_img are byte streams as delivered by
    # define a mapping between ids and image data
    data = {'cart': cart_img, 'menu': menu_img}

    # define which label we are looking to match
    label = 'cart'

    # attempt to match the images with the label
    # confidence is from 0.0 to 1.0 -- any matches with lower than the specified
    # confidence are not returned.
    # allow_weaker_matches specifies whether to return matches that are above
    # the confidence threshold but whose most confident match was a *different*
    # label
    res = client.classify_images(label, data, confidence=0.0, allow_weaker_matches=True)

    # res looks like:
    # {'cart': {'label': 'cart', 'confidence': 0.9, 'confidence_for_hint': 0.9},
    #  'menu': {'label': 'menu', 'confidence': 0.9, 'confidence_for_hint': 0.2}}

    # always close the client connection

You can also use it in conjunction with a Selenium Python client driver object, to find elements in a web page based on the label:

def find_elements():
    client = ClassifierClient(HOST, PORT)

    els = client.find_elements_matching_label(driver, "twitter")
    assert driver.current_url == ""



  • make install - install deps (requires Pipenv)
  • make protogen - generate python client helpers from .proto file
  • make clean - reset generated files
  • make build - run to generate publishable files
  • make test - run test suite (also make unit-test and make se-test)
  • make publish - publish to pypi (also make publish-test)
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