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package examples.multipart;
import com.vtence.molecule.BodyPart;
import com.vtence.molecule.Response;
import com.vtence.molecule.WebServer;
import com.vtence.molecule.lib.TextBody;
import com.vtence.molecule.routing.Routes;
* <p>
* This example shows how to handle multi-part file uploads.
* </p>
* <p>
* We have a first endpoint to serve a very simple profile HTML form in which our user can
* enter an email address, upload a text biography and a profile image.
* <br>
* This form is submitted encoded as <code>multipart/form-data</code>.
* We process the form submission in a second endpoint.
* </p>
public class MultipartExample {
public void run(WebServer server) throws IOException {
// Start the server with a set of routes
server.route(new Routes() {{
// A GET request to /profile renders an HTML profile form. It will be submitted as
// multipart/form-data. In this form the user can enter an email address, upload a text biography
// and a profile image
request -> Response.ok()
// Set the content type of the response to text/html
// Render the profile form
.done("<html>" +
"<body>" +
"<form enctype='multipart/form-data' action='/profile' method='post'>\n" +
"<p>" +
" <label>Email: <input type=\"email\" name=\"email\"></label>\n" +
"</p>" +
"<p>" +
" <label>Biography: <input type=\"file\" name=\"biography\"></label>\n" +
"</p>" +
"<p>" +
" <label>Avatar: <input type=\"file\" name=\"avatar\"></label>\n" +
"</p>" +
"<p>" +
" <input type=\"submit\" value=\"Go\">\n" +
"</p>" +
"</form>" +
"</body>" +
// A POST to /profile submits the form, then returns a plain text page with a summary of the
// profile.
post("/profile").to(request -> {
// Get the email address as a body part
BodyPart email = request.part("email");
// Get the biography as a second body part
BodyPart biography = request.part("biography");
// Get the avatar image as the last body part
BodyPart avatar = request.part("avatar");
// We respond with plain text content containing the profile information
TextBody echo = new TextBody();
if (email != null)
// We read the value of the email part as text
echo.append("email: ").append(email.value()).append("\n");
if (biography != null)
// We read the value of the file containing the biography as text
echo.append("biography: ").append(biography.value()).append("\n");
if (avatar != null)
echo.append("avatar: ")
// We read the filename of the avatar and its content-type
.append(avatar.filename()).append(" (").append(avatar.contentType()).append(")")
// We also read the content of the image as a raw stream of bytes to calculate its length
.append(" - ").append(String.valueOf(avatar.content().length)).append(" bytes");
return Response.ok()
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
MultipartExample example = new MultipartExample();
WebServer webServer = WebServer.create();;
System.out.println("Access at " + webServer.uri() + "/profile");