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A damn simple glossary of Software Testing terms that need some explanation
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Software Testing Glossary

A damn simple definition dictionary from

There are two versions of this doc with identical content:


This is not an another ’Full glossary of terms used in Software Testing’. I just had to notice my own definition dictionary of some terms, so I did it.

English is not my pet language, so any ping about ANY inaccuracy in this doc wil be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Also you can:

  • download a new version of this pdf for free from this repo (SCREEN version of this doc is in master and PRINT version is in print_version branch),
  • ask me, if something wrong or unclear,
  • understand, that some terms require a detailed explanation, which is a subject of a whole lesson, apart from of a glossary,
  • use and share this doc in any way but not with any commercial purposes.

About author

Alexei Lupan, QA analyst & trainer Alexei Lupan

Interested in test design issues and organization and providing full advanced trainings for new QA stuff.

Happy with baritone guitars and Robert Heinlein’s books.

LinkedIn: testitquickly

Personal Website:


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