A wrapper to get de-optimized dex from odex/oat/vdex.
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This is forked from https://github.com/JesusFreke/smali
The additional modification is to support convert oat file to dex, and able to smali/baksmali multi-dex.

Function concept:
boot.oat -> extract optimized boot class dex files -> deoptimize to dex files
app.odex(oat) -> reference boot dex files to deoptimize

Download latest version:

Build command:
gradlew -b smaliex/build.gradle dist

Deoptimize boot classes (The output will be in "odex" and "dex" folders):
  java -jar oat2dex.jar boot <boot.oat file>
Deoptimize application:
  java -jar oat2dex.jar <app.odex> <boot-class-folder output from above>
Get odex from oat:
  java -jar oat2dex.jar odex <oat file>
Get odex smali (with optimized opcode) from oat/odex:
  java -jar oat2dex.jar smali <oat/odex file>
Deodex /system/framework/ from device (need to connect with adb):
  java -jar oat2dex.jar devfw


  • If debug infomration is trimmed (e.g. with android support library or proguarded), then it is unable to recover type information.
  • Cannot recognize informal oat/dex format.

Used by:
PUMa - Patch Utility Manager