a Stellar Dynamics Toolbox (Not Everybody Must Observe)
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NEMO is a toolbox for stellar dynamics, particle simulations, image processing and tabular data manipulation. See also https://teuben.github.io/nemo

This is the 4th major release of NEMO, and although data are compatible with earlier releases, source code may need to be tweaked a bit to compile and link in the newer releases.

  • NEMO V1: IAS release (Barnes, Hut & Teuben, 1987)
  • NEMO V2: UMD release (Teuben, 1994)
  • NEMO V3: UMD release (Teuben, 2001) with autoconf support and hooks into manybody.org modules starlab and partiview
  • NEMO V4: UMD/ESO release (2017) now maintained in github

A related package, ZENO, was spun off NEMO V1, and is maintained by Barnes.

  NEMO:     ascl:1010.051
  ZENO:     ascl:1102.027

Packages we optionally use:

 PGPLOT:    ascl:1103.002
 CFITSIO:   ascl:1010.001
 WCSLIB:    ascl:1108.003
 HDF:	    ascl:1502.009
 glnemo2:   ascl:1110.008
 gyrfalcON: ascl:1402.031 (included with NEMO)

See README.install for installation guidelines. In it's simplest the following commands may work (replace .csh with .sh if appropriate)

 wget https://teuben.github.io/nemo/install_nemo
 chmod +x install_nemo
 ./install_nemo nemo=$HOME/opt/nemo
 source $HOME/opt/nemo/nemo_start.csh

Some obvious and perhaps not so obvious tools you will need to have installed: C/C++/Fortran compiler, csh, git, cmake. Use your local package manager to install those before you attempt to run the install_nemo script. For example, on a fresh Ubuntu distro, you're likely going to need to install two packages before running the install script, viz.

 sudo apt install tcsh git
 ./install_nemo ubuntu=1

And you don't have wget (e.g. MacOSX) use curl or any other program (even any browser works) to get that script. E.g.

 curl -O https://teuben.github.io/nemo/install_nemo