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Super Metroid Item Randomizer


This is a beta version used for testing new patches and item logic, have fun but expect that things can be broken at times. Huge shoutout and thanks to Dessyreqt for his work on the randomizer, without that this would not be a thing at all. You can find his randomizer here:

Changes from the vanilla game and other notes:

  • Items are randomized in two pools: Major items/Reserves/E-tanks in one, and the ammo packs in another.
  • There is on exception: The e-tank at Hi-Jump is no longer a major item location, it has been moved to the right super missile pack location in Wrecked Ship
  • The door into the construction zone (blue brinstar ceiling e-tank room) is now a Blue door and will have zebes activated when you enter it so you can check the items there right away.
  • The red tower elevator room's yellow door is blue to prevent softlocks
  • Gravity no longer protects you from enviromental damage (heat, lava, acid, spikes). As a side effect, varia protects you from the same sources of damage twice as much as it normally would
  • Because of the above change, Varia will never be in Lower Norfair
  • Some cutscenes have been removed or shortened.
  • Golden 4 Cutscene is eliminated, if you killed all four bosses, the way to Tourian is open immediately upon entering
  • Suit animation cutscenes are gone, so it doesn't place you in the middle of the screen, potentially softlocking you in solid blocks
  • You will no longer lose blue speed echoes while taking heat damage
  • S/T beam is disabled
  • GT Code is disabled
  • The Intro sequence and Ceres station are no longer in the game, you instead start directly on Zebes from a blank file.

How to use

  • Install .NET Core 2
  • Clone this repo
  • Run: dotnet restore
  • Run: dotnet run
  • Connect to port 8080 on your server
  • Have fun!


Super Metroid Item Randomizer






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