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pLaTeX is a Japanese version of LaTeX, which runs on pTeX (a TeX engine with extensions for Japanese typesetting). This bundle provides the macros and settings needed to generate the pLaTeX format (named "pLaTeX2e") and some classes.

Note: This is a community edition maintained by Japanese TeX Development Community, which forked from the original ASCII edition; see below.


This bundle is maintained on GitHub:

If you have issues, please let us know from the page above.

Changes from the original ASCII edition

The macros were originally developed by ASCII Corporation (a publishing company in Japan). We, Japanese TeX Development Community, have created a fork to work with the latest version of TeX Live.

The original ASCII edition, pLaTeX2e 2006/11/10, was based on pTeX-3.1.10 and LaTeX2e 2005/12/01. It can be obtained from the link below:

The community edition (this bundle) has the following advantages:

  • Fix several bugs in pLaTeX2e format and packages.
  • Fix macros which are inconsistent with the latest pTeX (e.g. \footnote, tabular, \parbox, \underline).
  • Support LaTeX2e 2015/01/01 and later versions.
  • Add platexrelease.sty. As with the latexrelease package, this package enables us to use the old versions of pLaTeX2e (from 2006/11/10 the ASCII edition).

See the documents (platex.pdf, pldoc.pdf, platexrelease.pdf) for more information.


A brief exposition of pLaTeX2e is provided in platex.pdf. The document can be obtained by executing the following commands:

platex platex.dtx
dvipdfmx platex.dvi

The comprehensive explanation of pLaTeX2e source is included in pldoc.pdf. If you are interested in typesetting pldoc.tex yourself, the following commands will be helpful:

platex pldocs.ins
platex Xins.ins
dvipdfmx pldoc.dvi

Character encoding

All the text files containing Japanese characters in this repository are encoded in ISO-2022-JP. This is because ISO-2022-JP encoded texts are most suitable for the traditional pTeX engine.


The bundle may be distributed and/or modified under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license (see LICENSE).

Release Date


Japanese TeX Development Community