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The bundle provides pLaTeX2e format and miscellaneous macros for pTeX and e-pTeX. This is a community edition maintained by Japanese TeX Development Community, which forked from the original ASCII edition (ptex-texmf-2.5).


The bundle is maintained on GitHub:

If you have issues, please let us know from the above page.

The original ASCII edition can be obtained from:

Changes from the original ASCII edition

The original ASCII edition (pLaTeX2e 2006/11/10) was based on pTeX-3.1.10 and LaTeX2e 2005/12/01. The community edition (this package) has the following advantages:

  • Fix several bugs in pLaTeX2e format and packages.
  • Fix macros which are inconsistent with the latest pTeX (e.g. \footnote, tabular, \parbox, \underline).
  • Support LaTeX2e 2015/01/01 and later versions.
  • Add platexrelease.sty. As with the latexrelease package, this package enables us to use the old versions of pLaTeX2e (from 2006/11/10 the ASCII edition).

See the documents (platex.pdf, pldoc.pdf, platexrelease.pdf) for more information.


A brief exposition of pLaTeX2e is provided in platex.pdf. The document can be obtained by executing the following commands:

platex platex.dtx
dvipdfmx platex.dvi

The comprehensive explanation of pLaTeX2e source is included in pldoc.pdf. If you are interested in typesetting pldoc.tex yourself, the following commands will be helpful:

platex pldocs.ins
platex Xins.ins
dvipdfmx pldoc.dvi

Character encoding

All the text files containing Japanese characters in this repository are encoded in ISO-2022-JP. This is because ISO-2022-JP encoded texts are most suitable for the traditional pTeX engine.


The bundle may be distributed and/or modified under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license (see LICENSE).

Release Date


Japanese TeX Development Community


pLaTeX2e and miscellaneous macros for pTeX




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