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Generate moderately secure passwords
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Generate moderately secure passwords


Various scripts are provided in the package file, but many are helpers for other scripts; here are the ones you'll commonly use:

  • dev: starts the frontend and backend in dev mode, with file watching (note that the backend runs on port 3100, and the frontend is proxied to it).
  • e2e: builds and starts the app in production mode and runs the Cypress tests against it.
  • e2e:dev: opens Cypress for local dev, instead of running it in the background. Doesn't start the app.
  • lint: runs ESLint against all the JavaScript in the project.
  • serve: builds and starts the app in production mode locally.
  • ship: runs lint, then test, then e2e; ideal before a git push.
  • test: runs the Jest unit and integration tests.
  • test:watch: runs the unit and integration tests in watch mode.
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