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#Here begynnethe the boke calledde Iohn bochas descriuinge the falle of princis princessis [and] other nobles tra[n]slated i[n]to englissh by Iohn ludgate mo[n]ke of the monastery of seint edmu[n]des Bury ... De casibus virorum illustrium. English#

##Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.## Here begynnethe the boke calledde Iohn bochas descriuinge the falle of princis princessis [and] other nobles tra[n]slated i[n]to englissh by Iohn ludgate mo[n]ke of the monastery of seint edmu[n]des Bury ... De casibus virorum illustrium. English Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.

##General Summary##


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This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership. This Phase I text is available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

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  3. 2006-04 Jonathan Blaney Sampled and proofread
  4. 2006-04 Jonathan Blaney Text and markup reviewed and edited
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##Content Summary##


  1. Prologus

#####Body##### There was ſuch chaunge of brother vnto brotherLyke ſtraungers noon knewe thentent of otherMyne aucto _ ¶An exclamacion of bochas ayen all proude men ſhewynge howe god may theym and their pride whā him beſt lift by many diuers meanes and wayes punyſſhe and chaſtiſe

  * Lenuoye

_ ¶Howe many yeres was bitwixte Adam and Nembroth and bitwixte Nembroth and Cadmus and of other kynges

_ ¶Of Oggigus kynge of Thebes

_ ¶Of a greate flode in Teſſalie

_ ¶Of goodly Iſis wife to Apys kynge of argyne ſlayne by his brother Dyffeus.

_ ¶Of Gryſiton that his membres cete for hungre

  * ¶Lenuoye

_ ¶Howe Iupiter rauyſſhyd Europe and howe Cadmus was ſent to ſeke hir in diuers regions

  * Lenuoye

_ ¶A proceſſe of Oetes kynge of Colchos / Iaſon / Medee. Theſeus Scilla Niſus and other mo

  * ¶Lenuoye

_ Omne regnum in ſe• diuiſum deſolabitur

_ Howe Atreus kynge of meſſene wrought ayenſt his brother Thieſtes ſlewe his thre chyldren diſmēbryd them pecys made Thieftes to ete of their fleſſh and drynke of their blode

_ Howe Atreus accuſyd him ſelf of murdre and his brother vpon auoutrye doon with Europa the quene

  * Lenuoy

_ Of duke Theſeus and Adryane that ſaued his life in the Caue / and howe he like a forſworne man forſoke hir & weddyd faire phedra which afterward ſlough hir ſilfe

  * Lenuoye

_ ¶Here bochas writeth ayenſt theym that yeuethe haſty credence to liers and flaterers

_ Qui tangit picem et c̄.

_ ¶M. de tranſformatis .i. bis vir

_ ¶Ar• mutat naturam

  * Lenuoye

_ ¶Of quene Althea / and howe Hercules by wymē was brought to confuſion

  * Lenuoye

_ A proceſſe of Narciſus. Bible. Mirra. and of other their infortunes to bochas compleynynge

_ Ouidius xo. et xio. de tranſformatis

  * Lenuoy

_ •owe Narciſus / Biblis / and mirra dyed at the •yſcheef

_ Ob quam cām ſecundas ſpreuit nupcias

_ Of Priamus kynge of Troye / And howe the Monke of Bury tranſlatoure of this boke wrote a boke of the ſiege of troye callyd troye boke

_ Here ſpekith bochas the auctour of this boke ayenſt the ſurquedous pride of theym that truſte in richeſſe ſaynge theſe wordes vnto theym

_ Here alſo Iohn Bochos put a greate preiſinge and a commendacion of ſuertie that ſtondith in pouertye vnder theſe wordes in ſentence

_ Of mighty ſampſon which tolde his counſeill to Dalida wherby he was deceyued.

  * Lenuoye

_ The excuſe of bochas for his writynge ayenſt myſgouernyd wymen in ſtede of lenuoye

_ Of myghty pirrus that ſlough pollicene which for his pride and auoutrye dyed in pouertie / ſlayne at the laſt by horeſtes

_ Of Machaire and his ſuſter Canace

_ The lettre of compleynt of Canace to hir broder Machaire.
  1. Howe Saul kinge of Ieruſalem borne of lowe degre / as longe as he dred god was obedient to him / and rulyd by good counſeile had many greate diſconfitures • but at the laſt for is pride / preſumpcion / and greate diſobeiſaunce he loſt his crowne / and was ſlayne by Philiſtees

    _ Nihil inſolencius quam potens ruſticus Incipit liber ſecundus

    • Lenuoye

    _ Acommendacion of Bochas vpon the vertue of obedience

    _ Howe kinge Roboam for gyuynge feith to yonge counſeyle loſt the beneuolence of his people and dyed a foole

    • Lenuoye

    _ A chaptre deſcryuinge howe princes beynge hedeys of their comontees ſhulde haue noble chyualrie true Iuges their comontye to gouerne &c.

    _ Howe Mucyus Sceuola ſlough an Innocent in ſtede of kinge Porcēna that laide ſiege to Rome.

    _ Howe lucrece oppreſſed by Tarquyn ſlough hir ſelf

    _ Howe rome after was gouernyd / and virginea by hir fader ſlayne

    • Lenuoye

    _ •owe Ieroboam kinge of Iſraell for Idolatrie ••ſobedience cam to a myſcheuous ende

    _ Howe zereas kinge of Ethiope was ſlayne in bataile

    _ Howe Adab kinge of Ieruſalem loſt ceptre and crowne

    _ Howe the vengeable prince zambrias ſet a toure on fyre and brent him ſilf

    _ Of kinge Achab and Iezabell his wife

    _ Of quene Gatholia for hir tirannie ſlayne

    • Lenuoye

    _ Howe Di•o quene of cartage ſlough hir ſilf for conſeruacion of hir chaſtite

    • Lenuoye

    • Lenuoye direct to wydowes of the tranſlaoure

    _ Howe vicious Sardanapalle kinge of aſſirie brent him ſelf and his treſoure

    _ A commendacion of ••chas of ve•〈◊〉•••ynes reherſynge names foūdyrs of diuers ſciencys and cūnynges in repreef of Idelneſſe

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe amazias ī Iuda kinge for pride and preſūpcion was venqueſſhed in batayle & after ſlayne

    _ Howe vpon Ioſias ſuccedynge kinge next in Iuda toke vengeaunce ſmote him with lepre

    _ An exortacion to princes to be auiſed to do ageyn goddes preceptes.

    _ Howe kinge Ozie was takyn by kinge ſalmanazar and dyed in priſon

    _ Howe ſenacheryb kinge of aſſirie was ſlayne

    _ Howe kinge ſedechie for fals forſweringe was ſlayne and made bl•nde in priſon

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe kinge aſtryages laboured to diſherite cirus But god ſuffred his malice nat to preuayle

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe Candalus king of Lide was made cokwold and after ſlayne

    _ Howe what thinge kinge Midas touchid was gold yit dyed he in miſerye and wretchydneſſe

    _ Of balthaſar kinge of babilone / and howe daniel expowned. Mane. Techel. Phares.

    _ Lo Creſus and balthaſar were venqueſſhed by cirus and the ſonne of creſus ſlayne at the hūting of a bore

    _ Howe the cruell tyraunt Cyrus delited eu• ſlaughter and ſhedynge of blode & ſo endyd

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe amilius for couetiſe ſlough his brother and Remus / and Romulus noriſſhed by a wulueſſe

    _ Howe mecyus kinge of albanoys beynge fals of his othe and aſſuraunce / was drawen into pecys

    _ A Chaptre howe princes ſhulde of their othes and promiſes be true auoydinge all doubleneſſe / and decepcion

    _ Of kinge hoſtilius that firſt weryd purpyll hewe conſūpte with fuyleuene

    • Lenuoye. Sequitur prologus libri terciilIke a pilgryme which that goth on foteAnd hath none horſe to releue h _ Sequitur prologus libri tercii

    _ A diſputacion bytwene fortune and glad pouert.

    _ Howe kinge hoſtilius worſhippynge fals goddys was conſumpte with fiery leuene

    _ Howe anchus kinge of rome was murdrid by Lucynyo by thaſſent of his wif

    _ Howe Lucynyo that murdred anchus was after murdred

    • Lenuoye

    _ Howe for the offence done to Lucrece by Tarquyn was neuer after crowned kinge in rome

    _ The greuous compleynt of Lucrece vpon hir oppreſſion

    _ The compleynt of Bochas vpon the luxurye of princes as by exaumples of many diuers myſchaūcys

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe Cambyſes aſſentynge to the murdre of his brother mergus / at the laſt ſlough him ſilf

    _ Howe Oropaſtes occupyed the crowne of Perce by Iniuſt title was murdred

    _ Howe Melciades duke of Athenys with ſmal noumbre venqueſſhyd •i C M ꝑciens / and after by his comonte that ay of cuſtum deſireth a chaunge of prynces newe he was cheyned in priſon and ſo dyed

    • Lenuoye

    _ Howe xerſes kinge of Perce for his rauyne / and couetiſe was diſmembryd in ſmale pe•ys

    _ Of Duke palantes and Spartenois werred th•m of Myſſene for rauyſſhinge thir maydens

    _ Of Ceſon Quincius exiled and Grac•us take pryſonere

    _ Here Bochas rehercith the tyrannye of Apius and falſneſſe of Iuges

    • Lenuoye

    _ Bochas ageyne the vntruth of Iuges

    _ Here Bochas maketh an exclamacion of the extorcion of the officers of Rome

    _ Of Alcibiades exiled and after brent in his bedde

    _ Here Bochas maketh an exclamacion vpon the deth of Alcibiades

    • Lenuoye

    _ Here bochas writeth ageyne the deſires of people.

    _ Here Iohn bochas ſpeketh ageyne Idelneſſe rehercinge howe ſūme men haue ioye in one ſcience and ſūme in another

    _ Howe malleus duke of cartage for oppreſſion and tyrannye was hewen into pecys.

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe the ſubſtaunce of the hoſt of himilcho duke of cartage goynge to conquere Cicile dyed of peſtylence and after him ſilf ſlayne

    _ Howe Heynon duke of cartage was diſmembred

    • Lenuoye.

    _ The auctour ageyne couetous people

    • Lenuoye.

    _ The auctour ageyne couetous people

    _ Howe Enagora kinge of cipre was by Artaxe•ſes outrayed and put from his kingdom

    _ Howe Theo kinge of egipt by artaxerſes was dryuen from his kingdome and fled into Arabye

    _ Howe Amynta of Mecedoyne kinge had by Eru•i•• his wife Aliſaūdre / ꝑdica / & philip yt were ſlayne

    _ Howe the proude tyraunt Aman was hangyd and the Innocent preſeruyd

    _ Of the two brethern artaxerſes and Cirus and Artaxerſes ſlough his children and concubynes and howe they ended

    • Lenuoye. Incipit Prohemium Libri quartiFRute of writynge ſet in cronicles oldeMooſt delectable of freſſhneſſh _ Incipit Prohemium Libri quarti

    _ Incipit liber Quartus Howe marchus maulius wrought and dyd for Rome toune / And at the laſte he was by the comons coſte into Tibre and there drowned

    _ Here bochas writeth in part ayenſt ſuch as can nat be content with ſuffiſaunce but vſurpe to hygh dignitees

    • Lenuoye

    _ Howe Neptanabus kinge of Egipte was by xerſes conſtreyned to fle his kingdome

    _ Howe Panſonoy duke of Lacedemoyne was exiled by theym of athenys

    _ Howe Heliarchus the tyraunt for extorcion and oppreſſion was ſlayne by the knight Leonydes

    _ Howe the vicious Denys kinge of Cecile ſlough his bretherne and kinrede & after exiled died at myſchef

    • Lenuoye.

    _ The auctour ageyne preſumptuous people & pryn•y• holdinge theym ſilf goddis

    _ Howe kinge pollicrate for extorcion and tyrannye was hangyd tyll euery ioynt went from other

    _ Howe the tyraunt aliſaundre llough his philoſopre Caliſtenes with other for ſaynge truth

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe Aliſaundre kinge of Pyrothe auenturynge to paſſe the flode of Acheronte / there at his bak by his mooſt truſty was dedly woundyd

    _ Howe Darie kinge of Perce and mede was outrayed by aliſaundre kinge of macedoyne

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Here bochas remembreth the batyles and loſſe of Realmeys of antiquyte / with the fallynge of dyuers nobles.

    _ Howe Eumenydes was twyes outrayed by Antigo•us / and at the laſt dyed in priſon

    • Lenuoye

    _ Howe quene Olimpiades for ſhe delyted in vices / murdre and vengeaunce dyed at myſcheef

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe agathodes of lowe birth borne atteyned vnto royall dignite / endyd in pouerte and wretchidneſſe.

    • Lenuoye

    _ Howe Caſſander ſlough the wif of Aliſaundre / & Hercules hir ſonne / And antipater ſlough his moder and of other murders.

    _ Of the two prefectis / Peneſtes and a Aman•as

    _ Howe ſandrodoctus borne of lowe degre cheriſſhed robbours and theues

    _ Howe Selenchus the mighty prince was ſlayne by the great tholome kynge of egypt

    _ Howe the two ſonnys of quene arcynoe were by ther moders brother traitourly ſlayne and ſhe exiled

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe Ceramius of macedoyne kinge that murdryd his coſyns was ſlayne in batayle by thē of fraunce

    _ Howe the prince Belgius was diſconfited / and brought vnto nought

    _ Howe Duke Brennyus delitinge to robbe / and ſtele miſcheuouſly endyd

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Howe Pirrus kinge of pyrothe liſt nat lyue in pees but of pride and preſumpcion in werre cam vnto myſchaunce

    _ Howe the tiraunt Ariſtotyn by trecherous werkinge ſet aſyde the right lyne was crowned kinge of Epyrothes and after ſlayne

    _ Howe quene Arcynoe for the auoutry done wt Demetrius huſbonde of hir doughter Beronyces ended in ſorowe.

Incipit liber quintus Here Bochas write ayenſt theym that delite in beutye and ſemelyneſſe / callinge to purpos howe a man borne in Tuſcan which excelled in beutye and fairneſſe: and for his beutye ſhulde nat geue other occaſion to ſynne he diſfigured his viſage and body with many a greate wounde and ſpot

_ Lenuoye.

_ Howe the two brethre Selenchꝰ & antiochꝰ eche deſy / rous to excelle other / fil at diſcorde endid in miſchief

_ Howe the noble quene Leodomya was in the temple ſlayne: and vengeaunce take vpon him that ſlough hir.

_ Howe cleomens kynge of macedoyne was ſlayne with his wyf and chyldren

_ Of kinge Nero Cornelye and Haniball

_ Of the Duke zantipas caſt into the ſe

_ How Marchus regulus of his fre wyll dyed for the comon wele

  * Lenuoye

_ Howe Tholome kinge of Egipt callyd Phylopater ſlough fader and moder and his wif in lecherie ſpente his life and miſcheuouſly endyd

_ Howe Abithomarus and Viridomarus Dukys of fraūce after greate bataylss by romayns ſlayne

_ Howe Siphax of Munedye kinge was take and dyed in priſon

_ Howe Nabyn hauyng no title but by tyrannye toke on him to be kinge of macedoyne was ſlayne

_ Here Bochas reherceth the mortall werrys betwene Romayns and Affricans

_ Howe kynge perſeus by romayns outrayed and after take.

_ Howe the people af Achaia with their cheef cyte Corinthe by romaynes was deſtroyed

_ Howe greate antiochus vſinge riot and vicious lyuynge by Marchus actilius was outrayed and dyed ſodenly

  * Lenuoye

_ Howe Ieronimus kinge of Ciracuſe was ſlayne / • howe Scipio affrican that laboured for comon wele of romayns was exiled by them & ſo dyed

_ Howe Scipio Aſian lorde of Aſye that labored euer for the comon wele was murdred

_ Howe the duke philopomones was take put in pryſon after dranke poyſon and ſo dyed.

_ Of the thred Scipion Naſica that euer wrought moch for the comonte.

  * Lenuoye

_ Howe duke Hanyball after many victorious dedys murdred him ſilf with poyſon.

  * Lenuoye.

_ Howe Pruſias kynge of bethenye betrayed Hanyball and wolde haue diſheryted his ſonne and heyre went abeggynge in ſtraunge londys.

_ Howe Perſa of macedoyne kynge that enpoyſoned his brother was by Emylyus outrayed and dyed in pryſon.

_ Howe Amonyus a Prince of antyoch delytynge in pyllage and robbrye / with other vicious lyuynge / fledde in womans clothinge / after takyn and ſlayne.

_ Howe Andriſcus of lowe birth borne hauynge no tytle of macedoyne kynge▪ was take and dyed in priſon

_ Howe aliſaundre ballas kynge of ſurrie for extorcion pride & vnkyndneſſe dyed at miſcheef.

  * Lenuoye

_ Here bochas writeth of the Rebellions / and Sedycions in Rome betwene Tribunys & Comons.

_ Howe the wyf of haſtruball brente hir ſilf and hir children.

_ Of Machabeus Ioathas take by the kynge of Surrie

_ Howe Demetrius the ſeconde loſte at the laſte his hede.

_ Howe zebenna kynge of ſurre by intruſion entryn• had miſcheuous endynge.

_ Howe Bitynctus kinge of auergnatus / by the Romayns was taken and dyed in pryſon

_ Howe the tyraunt Euergetes weddyd quene Cleopatras ſlough hir eldeſt ſonne / exiled his wyfe weddyd hir doughter

_ Howe Iugurta of by intruſion of Munedy Kynge ſlough rightful heiris & after himſilf was drownyd

  * Lenuoye.

Incipit liber Sextus Here Bochas ſittinge in his ſtudye alone• writeth a greate proceſſe: howe Fortune lyke amonſtruous Image / Hauinge an hundryd handys appperyd vnto him and ſpake: and Bochas vnto hir: makinge bytwene them both many greate Argumentys: and reſons of fortunes chauncys.

_ Hic loquitur Fortuna

_ Here reherceth Fortune hir condicions vnto bochas ſhewynge howe many one ſhe enhaunced for a tyme / and anone after theym ſodeynly ouerthroweth

_ Howe Gayus Marryus of lowe byrth borne cā to hye eſtate / which blent with couetiſe after many greate batayles dyed at myſcheef

_ Howe kinge metrydate boode vii yere in wylderneſſe had greate turmentys both on ſee and londe / by hys blode brought to vntraunce ſlough him ſilfe with a ſwerde.

  * Lenuoye.

_ Howe Encratydes kinge of Sithye was ſlayne by Demetry•s: and after his careyn caſt to hound•s

_ Howe Herodes kinge of Parthos werred with Romayns: which after his ſonne and heire was ſlayne: made his baſtarde ſonne kinge: That anone after ſlough his fader

_ Howe Fymbria a conſull of rome ſlough him ſilf.

_ OF Albynius that was ſlayne with ſtonys

_ Howe adriane borne of lowe degre falſly vſurped to be kynge of rome which with his chorles was after brent.

_ Howe Synthonyus kynge of trace that moch couetyd all forwent and dyed in pouerte

_ Here bochas in ꝑty maketh a deſcripcion of the kingdom of Trace and paſſeth ouer lightly vnto the accōplyſſhment of his boke

_ Howe after many greate conqueſtys of duke Pompeye beganne greate werre betwene him and Iulyus Thre hundred thouſande were ſlayne and at the laſt the hede of pompeye ſmetyn of

  * Lenuoye.

_ Howe victorious Iulius Ceſar brent the veſſels of Tholome: ſlough achillas that wolde haue murdryd him: and after greate victoryes him ſilfe was murdryd with bo•dekens by brutus Caſſius
  1. Incipit Liber Of Antonye ſon and heire to greate Antonye: An•

  2. Octauus 〈…〉•ure of Rome / and many other Emperours and nobles 〈…〉•ly endyd

    _ Howe Gallyen ſonne of valerian was ſlayne

    _ Howe Quyntilyus was murdryd by wymen

    _ Of Aurelian in Denmark born

    _ Howe Probus diſconfited Romayns / and after was ſlayne

    _ Howe Clarus and his two ſonnes were myſcheuyd

    _ Howe the hardy quene zenobya faugh• with Aurelean and was take

    _ Howe Galerius oppreſſed martyrs / and criſtys feith / and myſcheuouſly endyd

    _ Howe Maxence the emperour enmy to criſtis feith myſcheuouſly endyd

    _ OF Conſtantyne and Criſpus: and howe Dalmacius was ſlayne

    _ Of the brethren Conſtaūce and conſtancius / and 〈…〉

    _ Howe Conſtantyne baptized by Sylueſtre was •ured of his lepre

    _ A go•e proceſſe why Rome was deſtroyed and for the ſame or lyke cauſe many other realmes

    _ Howe Symak and Boys his ſonne in lawe were banyſſhed and after Iuged to dye

    _ Of kynge arthur and his conq•eſtys and of the commodytees of Englonde and he was deſtroyed by his coſyn mordrede.

    • Lenuoye.

    _ An Exclamacion of Bochas ageyn kynredes vnkinde.

    _ Of Geſeuye kinge of Venandre / and of thre other kinges / and howe they were deſtroyed.

    _ Howe Albonyus was murdryd by his wyfe and howe ſhe after moſt vicious was murd•yd alſo.

  3. Incipit Liber Nonus Howe the emperour Mauricius / his wif and his children were ſlayne at Calcedonie

    _ Of machomete the fals prophete and howe he beynge dronke was deuoured amonge ſwyne.

    _ Howe Brounchilde quene of fraunce ſlough hir kyn / brought the Londe in dyuyſyon / and after was hangyd / and hewen in pecys ſmale

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Bochas marueyleth of the malice and cruelte of •rounchilde writeth thus

    _ Howe Eraclius the Emperoure ſuſteyned hereſye / fyll in to dropſye / and ſekeneſſe vncurable / and ſo dyed.

    _ Howe Conſtantyne the ſon of Eraclyus ſupportynge errour / and hereſye / was murdred in a ſtewe

    _ Howe Giſulphus was ſlayn and his wyf endyd miſcheuouſly in lecherye.

    _ Of Iuſtynyan the fals extorcyoner / exyled by patricyan / after both noſe and iyen but from his hede.

    _ Howe Philyp the empeorour dyed at myſcheef.

    _ Howe Anaſtace was compelled to leue the Empyre to be a preſte and lyue in pouerte.

    _ Howe the hede of Lupus kynge of lumbardye was ſmet of by Grymaldus.

    _ Howe the hede of Alexyus was ſmet of by comperton

    _ Howe Aryperton was drowned with his richeſſe.

    _ Howe dediere by pope adrian and Charles of fraūce was put to flight and dyed at miſcheef.

    _ Of pope Iohn a woman with childe and put doun.

    _ Bochas counſeyleth pryncys to remembre on Arnolde.

    _ Of Charles of Loreyn confoūdyd with hungre.

    _ Howe kinge Salamon whilom Kynge of Hungery was put to flight

    _ Howe Petro kinge of hūgery was ſlayne

    _ Howe Dyogenes the Emperoure was taken / and his iyen put oute.

    _ Howe Robert Duke of Normandye faught with the Turkes / was named to the crowne of Ieruſalem / and dyed at myſcheef.

    _ Howe Iocelyne prince of Rage for pryde ſlouthe and lecherye dyed in pouerte.

    _ Howe the emperoure Androuycus ſlough all that were of the blode royall cheriſſhed vicioꝰ peple and after was hanged.

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Of Iſacyus made blynde and taken at myſcheef

    _ Of herry the eldeſt ſonne of Fredryk the ſeconde miſcheuyd by his fadre.

    _ A comendacion of bochas of ſuch as be kynde to their kynrede.

    _ Howe Manfroye kynge of poyle was ſlayn.

    _ Howe Encys kinge of Sardany died in pryſon.

    _ How manymettus and Argones dyed at myſcheef

    _ Howe Charles kynge of Ieruſalem / and of Cecile for auaryce and auoutrye died at myſcheef.

    • Lenuoye.

    _ Of Hugolyne Erle of Pyſe / ſlayne in pryſon.

    _ Howe p•pe Boneface the viii was take by the lynage de Columpnys / ete his hondys and dyde in priſon

    _ Howe the ordre of Templers was foundyd / and with other of the ordre brent.

    _ Bochas here cōmendeth Theodorus with other two philoſophers for their pacience notably·

    _ Bochas here commendeth humylite

    _ Howe philyp la Bele kynge of fraunce was ſlayn with a wyld bore and of his thre ſonnes and their weddynge.

    _ Howe duke Gaulter of Florence for his tyrannye / Lecherye and couetyſe endyd in miſcheef

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