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Changes in 4.7.1
* Maintenance release with bug fixes.
* Fixed: <txp:article /> and <txp:article_custom /> correctly parse their
* Fixed: <txp:article /> with 'listform' attribute returns correct value.
* Fixed: Textpack correctly updates timestamp where web server and database
server reside in different timezones.
* Fixed: Fallback to 'C' locale in some situations.
* Fixed: Section page/style selectors are correctly populated.
* Fixed: Articles without a URL-only title have a valid permlink across all
link formats.
* Changed: Additional code optimization for PHP 5.4 and later.
* Changed: Improved language string coverage in setup process.
* Changed: Extended use of Textpattern 4.7.*-native tags in Four Point Seven
* Changed: Additional database-related information included in Diagnostics.
* Added: Latest translations.
* PrismJS 1.15.0.
* jQuery File Upload 9.22.0.
Changes in 4.7.0
* In memory of Dean Cameron Allen, creator of Textpattern CMS.
* Changed: Minimum system requirements increased to PHP 5.4.0.
* Textpattern instances older than version 4.2.0 (released 17 Sep 2009) should
upgrade to version 4.2.0 before upgrading to version 4.7.0.
* Added: Support for website themes, markup stored within the database (accessed
via the Themes panel) and available as flat file templates for easier version
control, portability and installation (many many thanks, NicolasGraph).
* Added: Support for installation on Nginx web servers (thanks, makss).
* Added: Support for automated installation from CLI (thanks, makss).
* Added: Filipino language translation (thanks, Joseph Buarao).
* Added: Tagalog language translation (thanks, Kurt Lem Zamora).
* Added: User-selectable column list options in tables replaces 'Show more
detail' checkboxes. Settings remembered per device.
* Added: Valueless attributes.
* Added: Optional short-tags.
* Added: Ability to use Forms as tags via <txp:output_form /> or
<txp::shortcode /> tags.
* Added: Tag global attributes: 'breakby', 'breakclass', 'class', 'escape',
'html_id', 'not' and 'wraptag'.
* Added: <txp:article_custom /> tag can count pages.
* Added: <txp:evaluate /> tag.
* Added: <txp:header /> tag allows optional setting of HTML headers on page
* Added: <txp:if_logged_in /> tag.
* Added: XML and JSON file support. Completely overhauled setup procedure to
centralise and verify/delete preferences on upgrade. Table structure and
preferences defined in files for easier maintenance (thanks, makss).
* Added: Per-user admin panel language preference (decoupled from site language
* Added: All users can administer their own key biographical info.
* Added: Ability to copy an article without enforced save.
* Added: Button to swap width and height values on image edit thumbnail
* Added: Ctrl+S/Cmd+S keyboard shortcuts for Submit, Publish and Save buttons
on any admin panel.
* Added: Multiple Files and Images upload with progress meter.
* Added: Section searches by description.
* Added: Visual indicator that a subset of search fields are in use.
* Added: One-pass comment searches by parent article (thanks, makss).
* Added: Diagnostics can optionally suppress sensitive path data.
* Added: 'Expire now' checkbox on Write panel.
* Added: Automatic table of contents generation for well-structured plugin help
* Added: JSON-LD and Open Graph metadata scaffold included with default theme.
* Removed: Involuntary Personally Identifiable Information within comments (IP
address) and logs (IP address/host) no longer collected - for GDPR compliance.
* Removed: Any pre-existing IP addresses stored in comments database table are
deleted upon upgrade to 4.7.0 (and not stored in future) - for GDPR
* Changed: Comments 'Remember me?' option is now an opt-in instead of opt-out,
setting stored in localStorage instead of as a cookie - for GDPR compliance.
* Changed: Revised multi-site installation routine and symbolic linking (thanks,
* Changed: Most panels perform saves/searches/pagination without page
refreshes (Ajax).
* Changed: Last used Page/Form/Stylesheet remembered.
* Changed: Forms can recursively (up to 15 levels deep) call themselves.
* Changed: <txp:breadcrumb /> can be used as a container tag, and accepts 'type'
* Changed: Enhanced <txp:article /> sort and status handling.
* Changed: Enhanced <txp:article_custom /> 'exclude', 'expired', 'month' and
'time' attributes.
* Changed: <txp:category_list /> can output nested lists.
* Changed: <txp:if_category /> accepts 'parent' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:image_author /> tag accepts 'id' and 'name' attributes.
* Changed: <txp:link_to_next/> and <txp:link_to_prev /> are more consistent.
* Changed: Reinstate <txp:keywords> tag and add 'break', 'class' and 'wraptag'
* Changed: Deprecated <txp:image_display /> and <txp:image_index /> tags, use
<txp:image /> and <txp:images />, respectively, instead.
* Changed: <txp:newer /> and <txp:older /> tags accept 'rel' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:output_form /> tag supports user-defined attributes,
coupled with <txp:yield>.
* Changed: <txp:page_title /> tag SEO - site name renders after page name,
default separator changed from ': ' to ' | ', page numbers added.
* Changed: <txp:page_url /> tag can return more URL paths via 'type' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:site_url /> tag accepts 'type' attribute to return admin-side
* Changed: Deprecated the 'poplink' attribute on <txp:thumbnail /> tag.
* Changed: <txp:yield> tag accepts 'name' and 'default' attributes.
* Changed: Pagination tags (like <txp:newer /> and <txp:older />) can be placed
before <txp:article /> tag.
* Changed: Image Edit panel available to all users - read-only to some (thanks,
* Changed: Textfilter options and help topics moved inline with their textareas.
Write panel 'sidehelp' twisty and article>sidehelp callback removed.
* Changed: Categories moved from Sort & Display subpanel to their own twisty.
Override Form (if used) moved to 'Sort and display' subpanel. 'Advanced'
twisty and its callback removed.
* Changed: Languages are updated automatically on upgrade.
* Changed: Further improvements to RTL language support.
* Changed: Language translations included in core instead of legacy RPC server.
* Changed: Diagnostics and tag trace reports always rendered in English (for
easier international support enquiries). Text strings moved to 'mode.ini'.
* Changed: Use local inline help files instead of legacy RPC server. Help topics
rendered in dialogs instead of new window (thanks, makss).
* Changed: Use JSON file to check for new releases/pre-releases instead of
legacy RPC server (thanks, makss).
* Changed: Cleanup of panels/UI elements shown based on specific user roles.
* Changed: Plugin Textpacks stored in database and installed on demand.
* Changed: Plugins have persistent data column available for custom storage.
* Changed: Clearer plugin list on Diagnostics panel.
* Changed: Article posted/modified info and ID moved below Title field.
* Changed: Enable HTTP 226 responses (thanks, da2x).
* Changed: Make Preferences panel and subpanels fully printable (thanks,
* Changed: Panel states stored only client-side (localStorage).
* Changed: pluggable_ui() behaves more intelligently when chaining.
* Changed: Pagination steps are more grid friendly: 12/24/48/96 items.
* Changed: More locale-aware date handling in safe_strftime().
* Changed: Deprecated support for uploading .swf files via Images panel (support
will be removed entirely at Textpattern 4.8.0).
* Changed: Extensive admin theme image optimizations.
* Changed: Admin theme accessibility improvements.
* Changed: Admin theme layout improvements on small devices.
* Changed: Pagination and search added to Plugins panel.
* Changed: Plugin preview page syntax highlighting and layout improvements.
Also show Textpack string additions preview (if applicable).
* Changed: Removed 'Create ...' links from Pages/Forms/Styles panels when viewing
a new, unsaved Page/Form/Style (thanks, adi).
* Changed: Categories can no longer reassign the parent of a child element to its
children. Avoids infinite tree loops.
* Changed: Article preview includes debug info.
* Changed: 'wraptag' attribute can prepend/append content using special '<+>'
* Developer: 'ahu' constant as multi-site-compatible URL to admin side. Plugin
authors please use ahu in place of hu.'textpattern'.
* Fixed: Multi-site setup overhauled: Correct setup and install messages,
diagnostics information, login URL in user-invite email, login cookie
accessible to public and admin URLs (thanks, jools-r).
* Fixed: SQL injection in 'qty' attribute (thanks Manuel Garcia Cárdenas).
* Fixed: Keyboard navigation on select list popups.
* Fixed: Only update database version string if using release version.
* Fixed: Support for other MySQL client versions (thanks, CeBe).
* Fixed: URL handling for /title and /year/month/day/title (thanks, planeth44).
* Fixed: Panel layout improvements across all privilege levels.
* Fixed: Per-user preferences exposed to all users (thanks, gaekwad).
* Removed: zxcvbn password strength meter.
* Textile 3.6.
* jQuery 3.3.1.
* PrismJS 1.14.0.
* PHPass 0.5.
* jQuery File Upload 9.21.0.
Changes in 4.6.2
* Maintenance release with bug fixes.
* Fixed: More complete SQL trace on non-row-based queries.
* Fixed: Update process for filesystem-only releases.
* Fixed: Normalise link text in some tag builder tags (thanks, makss).
* Fixed: Incorrect focus ring styling.
* Fixed: Define Trace in RPC (thanks, Retrax/makss).
* Added: Better cross-browser support for input type=color
(thanks, NicolasGraph).
* Added: Support for printing of admin panels.
* Added: Additional Latvian setup translations.
Changes in 4.6.1
* Maintenance release with bug fixes.
* Added: A modern interpretation of the 'Classic' admin theme.
* Added: More complete SQL trace (thanks, makss).
* Fixed: New articles only marked modified after modification (thanks, gaekwad).
* Fixed: Silently fail if old files cannot be deleted.
* Fixed: Conditional tags now trigger correctly (thanks, craigerskine).
* Fixed: Missing sql_now_* preferences (thanks, makss).
* Fixed: Save preference pane states on keyboard focus too (thanks, phiw13).
* Fixed: Avoid setLocale errors if locale unavailable in lang tag attributes
(thanks, brachycera).
* Fixed: 'Change author' multi-edit only available to users with sufficient
rights (thanks, makss).
* Fixed: Relative URLs in feeds (thanks, hidalgo).
* Changed: Made better use of available screen estate for presentation panel
code textareas (thanks, phiw13).
* Changed: Tightened up vertical layout on Forms panel.
* Changed: Put an upper limit on preference group widths for better readability
(thanks, phiw13).
* Changed: CONTRIBUTING.textile info has been consolidated into main
README.txt file.
* jQuery UI 1.12.1.
* zxcvbn 4.4.0.
Changes in 4.6.0
* Textile v3.5.
* Improved RTL language support.
* Improved admin side UI.
* Requires PHP 5.3.3 or newer. Compatible with PHP 7 and MySQL 5.7
(thanks Ruud van Melick).
* New tags: <txp:authors />, <txp:meta_description />, <txp:if_description> and
* No more plaintext passwords sent: password reset requests are handled directly
on the server.
* One-week validity for new account activation requests by default. Configurable
in config.php (see ACTIVATION_EXPIRY_HOURS).
* Ninety-minute validity for password reset requests by default. Configurable in
config.php (see RESET_EXPIRY_MINUTES).
* Stronger password hashes and strength meter implemented (zxcvbn).
* Performance increases due to cache-friendly public side database queries,
parser improvements and reduction of admin-side queries
(thanks Ruud van Melick and etc).
* Added: Support for adding other markup languages (for example, Markdown)
via plugins.
* Added: Default article publishing status preference.
* Added: Support for custom CSS and JavaScript files in admin themes, for
advanced users.
* Removed: Import panel - the blog import options were obsolete
(thanks Ruud van Melick).
* Removed: Commenter IP ban feature - this method of banning is unreliable and
becoming obsolete (thanks Ruud van Melick).
* Removed: Modernizr - unnecessary due to Internet Explorer 11 being the minimum
Internet Explorer browser requirement.
* Changed: The /textpattern/theme/ directory has been renamed to
/textpattern/admin-themes/ for stronger differentiation between this and the
public-side /themes/ directory planned for Textpattern 4.7. Additionally
prevents breakage of preferences panel caused by old, incompatible themes
residing in the previously titled admin theme directory during upgrade.
* Changed: <txp:article_custom /> accepts 'exclude' attribute to exclude
articles by a comma-separated id list.
* Changed: <txp:author /> accepts 'escape' and 'format' attributes.
* Changed: <txp:category_list /> accepts 'html_id', 'limit' and 'offset'
* Changed: <txp:comments_form/>: Deprecated 'isize', 'msgcols', 'msgrows',
'msgstyle', 'previewlabel', 'submitlabel', 'rememberlabel', and 'forgetlabel'
attributes .
* Changed: <txp:comments/>, <txp:comments_form/>, <txp:comments_preview/> and
<txp:popup_comments/> can be used as container tags.
* Changed: <txp:comment_email_input /> accepts 'size' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:comment_message_input /> accepts 'cols' and 'rows' attributes.
Removed capability to apply an immediate style to the element.
* Changed: <txp:comment_name_input /> accepts 'size' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:comment_preview /> accepts 'label' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:comment_remember /> accepts 'rememberlabel' and 'forgetlabel'
* Changed: <txp:comment_submit /> accepts 'label' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:comment_web_input /> accepts 'size' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:link /> accepts 'id' and 'name' attributes.
* Changed: <txp:meta_author /> accepts 'escape' and 'format' attributes.
* Changed: <txp:meta_keywords /> accepts 'escape', 'format' and 'separator'
* Changed: <txp:password_protect /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed: <txp:recent_articles /> accepts 'offset' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:section_list /> accepts 'html_id', 'limit' and 'offset'
* Changed: Deprecated <txp:keywords /> tag. Use <txp:meta_keywords format="" />
* Changed: Deprecated <txp:rsd /> tag.
* Changed: Deprecated 'breakclass' attribute for <txp:comments /> and
<txp:image_info />.
* Changed: Removed Form (article) Preview facility.
* Changed: Removed empty 'About' section from new installs.
* Changed: Tag builder has been reworked as a dialog window.
* Changed: Increased 'page' and 'css' sizes in txp_section table.
* Changed: 'Prevent widowed words in article titles' preference defaults to 'No'
in new installs.
* Changed: 'Include email in Atom feeds' preference defaults to 'No' in new
* Changed: Detailed debug trace log.
* Changed: Default charset is now utf8mb4: supports a wider range of characters,
including emoji.
* Changed: Removed built-in Gzip compression of RSS feed and Atom feed.
* Developer: getNextPref() now returns array members 'next' and 'prev' with
article data, no longer returns array members 'next_id', 'next_title',
'next_utitle', 'next_posted', 'prev_id', 'prev_title', 'prev_utitle',
* Developer: getNeighbour() returns 'false' if no matching neighbour article
* Developer: Uses 'mysqli' extension for database access, lose dependency on
'mysql' extension.
* Developer: Uses the TXP 'now()' function instead of the SQL 'NOW()' function
to create cache-friendly, faster SELECT queries.
* Developer: Added jQuery UI library to admin side.
* Developer: Added Prism code highlighting for <code> and <pre><code> to admin
side. The following languages are supported (when specified via classnames on
the <code> tag, i.e. using 'class="language-xxx"): 'language-markup',
'language-css', 'language-clike', 'language-javascript', 'language-json',
'language-php', 'language-markdown', 'language-textile'. Optional line numbers
are also supported when code highlighting, by adding an additional classname
of 'line-numbers' to the parent <pre> tag.
* Developer: Added DocBlock documentation comments throughout the source code.
* Developer: Adherence to PSR coding standards where possible.
* Developer: Function signature for wrapRegion() changed: 7th parameter 'ARIA
role' dropped, as it shouldn't be stated for semantic tags such as 'section'.
* Developer: Refactored 'Validator', 'Constraint', and 'theme' classes into the
'Textpattern' namespace; deprecated their 'txplib_validator' and
'txplib_theme' implementations.
* Developer: Changed name of pref 'permalink_title_format' to 'permlink_format'.
* jQuery 1.12.4.
* jQuery UI 1.12.0.
Changes in 4.5.7
* Maintenance release with bug fixes.
* Textile v2.4.3 resolves PHP 5.5 compatibility issues.
* Updated default site theme and libraries.
* Setup now remembers settings. No more 'form resubmission' browser warnings
when going back through the wizard.
* Allow pre_publish_script in multi-site installations.
* Email address validation uses PHP's filter_var(), which permits addresses such
as @[].
* Fixed: <txp:link_to_prev>, <txp:link_to_next>, <txp:prev_title>, and
<txp:next_title> tags for certain combinations with <txp:article_custom>.
* Fixed: SQL statement escaping in set_pref().
* Fixed: Situations where set_pref() could corrupt the preference table if the
string name contained '%' or '_' characters.
* Fixed: Save comment emails of any valid length properly.
* Fixed: Visitor logs support IPv6.
* Fixed: Articles can be assigned to sections with names longer than 64
* Fixed: Setup script more robust, and compatible with MySQL 5.6.
* Fixed: Warnings when writing image thumbnails.
* Fixed: Files no longer trash author names, and empty files can no longer be
* Fixed: Percent encoding of spaces in site URL.
* Security: IXR fixes to prevent XML quadratic blowup attack.
* Security: Prevent variable injection during setup and plugin preview step.
Changes in 4.5.6
* Skipped due to broken update path for SVN users.
Changes in 4.5.5
* Maintenance release with bug fixes, no security implications.
* Fixed: Compatibility issues with PHP 5.5 in <txp:yield> and setup routines.
* Fixed: Category table's parent-child associations break and the table malforms
on name updates, if two different category types share same category name.
* Fixed: Image caption isn't escaped.
* Fixed: Admin-side JavaScript dies on Safari 5 (or any browser that doesn't
allow re-defining keywords or constructs as variables).
* jQuery 1.8.3.
Changes in 4.5.4
* Corrects a packaging error in the 4.5.3 archives.
Changes in 4.5.3
* Maintenance release with bug fixes, no security implications.
* Fix <txp:link_to_prev>, <txp:link_to_next>, <txp:prev_title>, and
<txp:next_title> tags for certain combinations with <txp:article_custom>.
* Escape new page name in the 'Pages' panel.
* Developer: Render valid HTML in fInput() for input types 'file' and 'image'.
* Developer: In http_accept_format(), discard MIME formats with a quality factor
below 0.1.
Changes in 4.5.2
* Maintenance release with bug fixes, no security implications.
* Fix <txp:link_to_prev>, <txp:link_to_next>, <txp:prev_title>, and
<txp:next_title> tags for setups with web server and database server in
different time zones.
* Avoid "undefined variable" error while bulk-editing form types.
* Developer: Use actual callback instead of hard-coded function to render
'View'link. Pass reference to partials meta data into partial callbacks as
* Developer: Escape '<script>' tags in script_js(). Use jQuery in dom_attach().
Changes in 4.5.1
* Maintenance release with bug fixes, no security implications.
* Default front-side template: Remove duplicate search input field.
* Textile: Use 'named groups' syntax '?P<group>' for b/c with older PCRE library
* Hive admin-side theme: Modernizr v2.6.2.
* Prevent fatal aborts from error-handling during version upgrades.
* Unregister all globals in multi-site setups.
* Prevent deletion of used stylesheets from UI.
* Offer all supported units in the tag builder for <txp:file_download_size />.
* Developer: New events 'authors_deleted', 'categories_deleted', 'css_deleted',
'discuss_deleted', 'file_deleted', 'forms_deleted', 'thumbnail_deleted',
'links_deleted', 'articles_deleted', 'page_deleted', 'sections_deleted'.
Changes in 4.5.0
* Minimum system requirement: PHP 5.2.
* Modern default site theme (responsive, HTML5, CSS3).
* Choice of HTML5 or XHTML document type as a preference.
* Textile 2.4.1. See full changelog at
* User interface realignment and clean-up.
* Additional admin theme (Hive).
* Beautified setup process.
* Write, Plugin and Section panels save some changes without page refreshes
* WordPress import tool imports image media attachemnts as article images, can
use 'utf8' or 'latin1' source databases.
* New advanced preference "Login info email address" allows to define a 'From:'
address from which a new user's login info is sent.
* Check for new Textpattern version moved from Preferences to Diagnostics panel.
* Removed raw PHP support in pages and articles.
* Plugin status is preserved across plugin updates.
* <txp:link_to_prev> and <txp:link_to_next> adhere to the sort order set by
* Deprecated 'escape' attribute for <txp:search_term />.
* Removed 'align' attribute for <txp:image />, <txp:thumbnail />,
<txp:article_image />.
* <txp:css /> accepts a comma-separated list of style-sheet names for the 'name'
* <txp:txp_die />: New attribute 'url'. Specifies location target for HTTP stati
301, 302, 307.
* <txp:article_custom>, <txp:file_download_list> preserve sorting order from
'id' attribute.
* <txp:images /> preserves sorting order from article image ids.
* <txp:file_download> may be used as a container tag.
* <txp:comment_form />: New attributes 'previewlabel', 'submitlabel',
'rememberlabel', 'forgetlabel'.
* New <txp:author_email> tag.
* <txp:linklist /> accepts a comma-separated list of link ids in the new 'id'
* <txp:images /> uses the sort order of images from the 'id' attribute if
* Developer: Introduce gTxtScript() to help with the l10n of client-side
* Developer: Introduce txpspecialchars() as a recommended HTML5-safe alternative
to htmlspecialchars().
* Developer: New events 'article_saved', 'article_posted', 'comment.saved',
'article_ui'.'partials_meta', 'article_ui'.'validate_save',
'image_ui'.'fullsize_image', 'image_ui'.'thumbnail_image',
'admin_criteria'.'author_list', 'admin_criteria'.'author_list',
'admin_criteria'.'css_list', 'admin_criteria'.'discuss_list',
'admin_criteria'.'file_list', 'admin_criteria'.'form_list',
'admin_criteria'.'image_list', 'admin_criteria'.'link_list',
'admin_criteria'.'list_list', 'admin_criteria'.'log_list',
'admin_criteria'.'page_list', 'admin_criteria'.'section_list'
(NB: 'image_ui'.'image_edit' and 'image_ui'.'thumbnail_edit' changed).
* Developer: Introduce textpattern.Relay, a pub/sub hub for client-side events.
* Developer: Introduce txpAsyncForm (a jQuery plugin for asynchronous posts from
forms) and txpAsyncHref (a jQuery plugin for asynchronous posts from links)
* Developer: Introduce safe_escape(), Constraint() and Validator() classes plus
their descendents, callback_event_ref(), theme::announce_async()
* Developer: Restrict plugin type '3' to load only at non-Ajax requests.
Introduce plugin type '4' to be loaded on the admin side for both Ajax and
non-Ajax requests. Introduce plugin type '5' to be loaded on the public side
and on the admin side for both Ajax and non-Ajax requests.
* Developer: Run custom post-update code from
txpath.'/update/custom/post-update*.php' if this glob() exists.
* Developer: Include custom code like page-caches before the page is assembled
by setting $txpcfg['pre_publish_script'] to a valid filename.
* Developer: Modified plugin type '1': Load only on non-Ajax requests on the
* Developer: Additional plugin types '4' (admin-side, only for Ajax requests),
and '5' (public side; admin-side, only for Ajax requests).
* Security: Admin-side disallows framing, sends "X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN"
* Security: The 'txp_login' cookie is set with a 'HttpOnly' attribute.
* Security: Fixed a persistent XSS vulnerability in Textile discovered by Mauro
* Security: Fixed a XSS vulnerability in the setup process discovered by
Jonathan Claudius of Trustwave SpiderLabs.
* Security: Fixed a persistent XSS vulnerability in the access log panel
discovered by Sasha Zivojinovic.
* Bug and security fixes.
* jQuery 1.7.2.
Changes in 4.4.1
* Security: Add admin-side CSRF protection measures. Updates are highly
recommended. Thanks, Neal Poole.
* Upload of SWF images requires 'image.create.trusted' privilege (applies to
publisher, managing editor, copy editor, and designer roles).
* <txp:file_download_size /> improved from both i18n and l10n viewpoints.
* Developer: CSRF protection API in bouncer(), form_token() and tInput().
* Developer: CSRF token included in output from form(), aLink(), eLink(),
dLink(), and wLink() functions.
* phpass 0.4 / genuine.
* jQuery 1.6.1.
Changes in 4.4.0
* Security: Fix several vulnerabilites. Updates are *absolutely* recommended for
sites running any older version. Thanks, Neal Poole.
* Passwords are case-sensitive.
* Hotlink protection for files: Downloads from a web-accessible '/files'
directory are inhibited. The '/file_download/$id/' route is the
only valid way to access downloadable files. Requires an Apache webserver and
usage of the sample .htaccess file.
* Empty <txp:variable></txp:variable> container sets a variable's value to "".
* WordPress import tool fixed for WP 3.x.
* Context bug in messy mode fixed.
* get_pref() now honours per-user prefs in all cases.
* Developer: txp_validate() accepts a '$log' parameter to discern between 'real
user login' vs. 'just validating credentials' usage.
* Developer: sendAsyncEvent() accepts parameter $format.
* Developer: Introducing escape_js() and send_script_response().
* Developer: Taghandler functions *must not* contain upper case letters.
* Developer: Taghandler functions *must not* be defined within a <txp:php>
* Developer: phpass 0.3 / genuine for password portability, hashing, stretching,
and salting. Old-style passwords will be migrated upon a user's first login.
Persistent hash values in database are incompatible with previous versions.
* jQuery 1.5.1.
Changes in 4.3.0
* Security: Fixed two XSS vulnerabilities (thanks Jorge Hoya and High-Tech
Bridge). Updates are recommended.
* New Textpattern logo by courtesy of Philipp Schilling (belipe, Happy retirement to The Carver!
* Feature: Optional alternate URL for static image resources. Defined in
constant 'ihu'.
* Feature: /category and /author lists for all content types, with conditionals
and pagination.
* Feature: Optional top-level 'Home' tab for dashboard plugins.
* Feature: File titles.
* Feature: Multiple categories/sections in feeds via,bar&section=baz,omg and,bar&section=baz,omg).
* New tags: <txp:images />, <txp:image_info />, <txp:image_url />,
<txp:image_date />, <txp:if_thumbnail />.
* New tags: <txp:link_author />, <txp:image_author />,
<txp:file_download_author />.
* Changed: Verbose semantic admin-side markup.
* Changed: Explicit 'Create new $thing' button for pages and styles.
* Changed: <txp:image /> and <txp:article_image /> accept 'width' and/or
'height' attribute.
* Changed: <txp:search_input /> accepts a 'match' attribute. Possible values:
'exact', 'any' or 'all' (default).
* Changed: <txp:css /> accepts a 'name' attribute. Attribute 'n' is deprecated.
* Changed: <txp:image_index /> accepts a 'category' attribute. Attribute 'c' is
* Changed: <txp:breadcrumb /> accepts a 'separator' attribute. Attribute 'sep'
is deprecated.
* Changed: <txp:if_plugin /> accepts a 'version' attribute. Attribute 'ver' is
* Changed: <txp:if_custom_field /> accepts a "value" attribute. Attribute "val"
is deprecated. Added attributes 'match' and 'separator'.
* Changed: <txp:feed_link />, <txp:link_feed_link />, <txp:popup />,
<txp:search_input /> accept a 'class' attribute.
* Changed: Use percent-encoding in URLs as a RFC-1738-compliant fallback for
languages lacking a suitable transliteration array.
* Changed: Silence E_STRICT warnings in "live" production mode.
* Removed: 'Friendly' CSS editor.
* Developer: pluggable_ui() in the images tab.
* Developer: Stylesheets are stored as plain text in the database - no more
* Developer: Textpacks, a method to install i18n strings from uploaded text
files and from plugins.
* Developer: article_format_info(), link_format_info(), and get_groups()
convenience functions.
* Developer: i18n strings are not loaded while Textpattern renders the
public-side style sheet.
* Textile 2.2 adds support for note lists, definition lists, thead, tbody,
tfoot, table summary, table caption, table colgroup, glyphs for fractions,
degrees and plusminus et cetera.
* jQuery 1.4.3.
* Incutio XML-RPC Library 1.7.4.
Changes in 4.2.0
* Feature: Extendable admin-side themes. 'Classic' and 'Remora' theme contained
in the core package, user-contributed themes available from
* Feature: Capability for multi-site file system layouts (thanks: Sam Weiss).
* Feature: Role-based permission checks for images, links and files.
* Feature: Save various pane toggle states.
* Feature: Store author of links and files.
* Feature: Automatic adjustment for DST (requires PHP 5.2+, fall back to manual
adjustment for servers running older PHPs).
* Feature: Timezone selector in preferences (requires PHP 5.2+, GMT-based
selector as a fallback).
* Feature: Default event preference setting (thanks: Mary).
* Fixed: PHP 5.3 compatibility (thanks: Mary).
* Fixed: When a user is deleted, reassign her assets.
* Fixed: Tag builders for <txp:category /> and <txp:section />.
* Fixed: Bogus "Article tags cannot be used outside an article context" warning
in <txp:else />-branch of <txp:if_keywords>.
* Fixed: Removed superflous &amp; encoding for article titles in
<txp:recent_comments />.
* Fixed: <txp:expires> uses "class" and "wraptag" attributes as intended.
* New tag: <txp:link_id /> (thanks: Rick Silletti).
* New tag: <txp:yield />.
* Changed: Article timestamp is left untouched for draft, pending, or hidden
articles published into the future.
* Changed: <txp:file_download_list /> tag accepts a comma-separated list of file
ids in a new "id" attribute (thanks: Rick Silletti).
* Developer: pluggable_ui() serves as a base for custom admin-side user
interface panels, see new '*_ui' events below.
* Developer: New events 'log_it', 'plugin_lifecycle', 'plugin_prefs', 'txp_die',
'article_ui', 'author_ui', 'category_ui', 'file_ui', 'image_ui', 'link_ui',
'prefs_ui', 'section_ui'.
* Developer: Per-user preferences.
* Developer: Increased maximum plugin code size to MEDIUMTEXT (16 MiB).
* Developer: Increased maximum preferences value size to TEXT (64 KiB).
* Developer: Core support for unlimited custom fields (thanks: Gerhard Lazu).
* Developer: Thumbnail dimensions are stored in the image table.
* Developer: Sending requests to the admin-side with URL parameter 'app_mode'
set to 'async' suppress any default admin-side output. Think Ajax.
* Developer: Cached plugins are loaded in natural sort order.
* Developer: Deprecated cleanfInput(), escape_output(), escape_tags(), getAtt(),
gAtt(), and input() functions. These will be removed in next release.
* Developer: Plugins can flag their interest in lifecycle events (install,
uninstall, activate, deactivate). @see
* Developer: Optional capability to jump to a plugin's options from the plugin
tab. @see
* jQuery 1.3.2.
Changes in 4.1.0
* Version 4.1.0 was assigned to the experimental "crockery" branch and never
officially released.
Changes in 4.0.8
* Fixed: Current section/category is overwritten in <txp:section_list> and
<txp:category_list> (container or form mode).
* Fixed: Registration and notification mails are not sent in PHP safe mode.
* Fixed: Error message upon article save from MySQL 5 in 'strict' mode.
* Fixed: Timeout during "clean URL test" causes WSOD in diagnostics tab.
* Partly fixed: Search result excerpt breaks HTML entities.
* Changed tag: <txp:if_section> without a name attribute is now TRUE on a
section page (old behaviour is preserved on upgrades).
* Changed tag: <txp:if_category name=""> is now FALSE on a category page (old
behaviour is preserved on upgrades).
* Changed tag: <txp:link_url /> escapes its output.
* Changed tag: <txp:file_download_list /> uses 'wraptag', 'break', and 'label'
attributes consistently like other tags.
* Speed: faster plugin loading from the database.
* Diagnostics tab: ignore line endings when checking for modified files and show
full paths.
* Pages tab: allow 'default' page to be deleted if not used by a section.
* Developer: Fall back to standard page/permlink behaviour if custom_url_func()
returns FALSE.
* Developer: set_pref() accepts an optional "position" parameter.
Changes in 4.0.7
* Parser: full nesting support, allowing unlimited nesting of identical tags.
* Parser: attribute values are parsed when enclosed in single quotes.
* Parser: unquoted attribute values are deprecated and will result in warnings
when site status is not set to 'live'. Fix your templates and use double quotes
to delimit attribute values.
* Feature: Expiry time for articles, accompanied by related tags.
* Speed: various components of the parsing process have been optimized, which
compensates the impact of increased parser complexity, resulting in slightly
faster parsing speed.
* New tags: <txp:expires />, <txp:if_expired>, <txp:if_expires>.
* New tag: <txp:if_keywords>.
* New tags: <txp:if_first_section>, <txp:if_last_section>.
* New tags: <txp:if_first_category>, <txp:if_last_category>.
* New tag: <txp:if_variable>.
* New tag: <txp:modified />.
* New tag: <txp:rsd /> specifies the Really Simple Discovery endpoint for
XML-RPC clients.
* New tag: <txp:variable />.
* Changed tag: <txp:article /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed tag: <txp:article /> allows new attributes 'wraptag' and 'break'.
* Changed tag: <txp:article_custom /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed tag: <txp:article_custom /> allows new attributes 'wraptag' and
* Changed tag: <txp:article_custom /> allows comma separated list for 'id'
attributes (this doesn't imply a sort order).
* Changed tag: <txp:category /> applies 'class' attribute to the <a> element
when wraptag is empty.
* Changed tag: <txp:category_list /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed tag: <txp:category_list /> accepts a 'children' attribute which limits
the list depth to one level below the parent category when set to '0'.
* Changed tag: <txp:file_download_list /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed tag: <txp:if_article_id /> defaults to the current article's id.
* Changed tag: <txp:linklist /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed tag: <txp:recent_comments /> can be used as a container tag.
* Changed tag: <txp:recent_comments /> allows new attribute 'offset'.
* Changed tag: <txp:search_input /> allows new attribute 'html_id' to set the
form's id.
* Changed tag: <txp:section /> applies the 'class' attribute to the <a> element
when wraptag is empty.
* Changed tag: <txp:section_list /> can be used as a container tag.
* XML-RPC: server now included in main Textpattern package, disabled by default.
* Articles tab: added 'article image' and 'keywords' as search criteria.
* Categories tab: categories cannot be accidentally deleted if they are still
in use.
* Write tab: Concurrent article edit warning.
* Write tab: WYSIWYG preview for draft/pending/hidden articles.
* Images tab: added 'alternate text' and 'caption' as search criteria.
* Images tab: multi-edit functionality (delete, change category).
* Images tab: setting both thumb width and height to zero or empty values
disables auto-thumbnailing.
* Links tab: multi-edit functionality (change category).
* Files tab: multi-edit functionality (delete, change category).
* Users tab: multi-edit functionality (delete, reset password, change
* Users tab: sortable and paginated author list.
* Users tab: 'last login' shown in author list.
* Plugins tab: User-selectable plugin load order.
* Plugins tab: sortable and multi-edit functionality (change order/status,
* More verbose "First Post" article with basic instructions and helpful links.
* Developer: getTree() receives an optional 'table' name, returned array
contains 'parent' field.
* Developer: New event 'pretext_set'.
* Developer: new plugin type '3' for admin-only plugins (0=public,
1=admin+public, 2=library).
* Developer: fInput now uses htmlspecialchars on the value parameter (previously
only escape_title).
* Developer: pagelinkurl() calls a custom URL handler if present. NB: The custom
URL handlers function signature is modified, as an additional flag discerns
pagelinks from permlinks.
* Developer: $prefs['searchable_article_fields'] may contain an arrray of column
names defining the fulltext-indexed set. A corresponding MySQL fulltext index
must be established previously.
* jQuery 1.2.6.
* Ability to connect to the MySQL server through SSL.
Changes in 4.0.6
* Security: add missing escape in SQL query (admin side).
* Security: safer use of txp_login cookie + nonce (note: users are logged out
after upgrading!).
* Security: fixed XSS vulnerability (thanks DSecRG) and input validation in
setup script.
* Security: fixed local file include vulnerability (publisher only) in
textpattern/index.php (thanks DSecRG and Victor).
* Security: fixed XSS vulnerability and parameter value overflow in comments
preview (thanks DSecRG).
* Security: escape request method as shown on logs tab (thanks Victor).
* Changed tag: <txp:thumbnail /> allows non-JS links to the full-size image.
* Changed tag: <txp:article_custom /> allows comma-separated lists for category,
section and author attributes (thanks Manfre).
* Changed tag: <txp:linklist /> allows comma-separated list for category
* Changed tag: <txp:file_download_list /> allows comma-separated list for
category attribute.
* Changed tag: <txp:recent_articles /> allows comma-separated lists for category
and section attribute.
* Changed tag: <txp:related_articles /> allows comma-separated list for section
* Changed tag: <txp:search_result_excerpt /> allows a custom "break" attribute
defaulting to an ellipsis.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:sitename /> replaced by <txp:site_name />.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:request_uri /> replaced by <txp:page_url />.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:s /> replaced by <txp:page_url type="s" />.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:c /> replaced by <txp:page_url type="c" />.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:q /> replaced by <txp:page_url type="q" />.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:id /> replaced by <txp:page_url type="id" />.
* Deprecated tag: <txp:pg /> replaced by <txp:page_url type="pg" />.
* Deprecated function: escape_output(), use htmlspecialchars() instead.
* Deprecated function: gAtt() (and getAtt()), use lAtts() instead.
* Deprecated variable: $txpcfg['txpath'], use constant 'txpath' instead.
* New tag: <txp:if_search_results> </txp:if_search_results>.
* New tag: <txp:search_term />.
* New languages: Croatian, Korean, Português (Brasil), Serbian (Latin +
Cyrillic), Turkish and Vietnamese (thanks: Filip Baraka, Alexsander Albert
Santana, Vladimir Siljkovic, Süleyman Şentürk, Quang Anh Do).
* Developer: using add_privs() for admin-side plugins is now required (used to
be optional for publisher-only plugins).
* Developer: dmp() prints debug output to a file in the temporary directory
according to preferences. Define 'txpdmpfile' for the file name.
* Developer: Added 'modified' and 'status' to global $thisarticle array.
* Developer: Added 'is_logged_in()' function to check on the public side if the
visitor is logged in on the admin side.
* Speed: less SQL queries (-2 for individual article pages, -1 for other pages).
* Speed: recent_comments tag (thanks Manfre) and admin side comments list only
uses 1 query.
* Added 'password reset' functionality (with confirmation email) on the login
* Update to jQuery 1.2.2 as a default JavaScript library.
* Fix textile list incompatibility with PHP 5.2.4 (and higher).
* Fix http-auth when using lighttpd or (mostly) apache+fcgi.
* Fix HTTPS protocol check for ISAPI with IIS.
* Fix use of article tags on a sticky article page.
* Pages, categories and styles cannot be accidentally deleted if they are used
on other tabs.
* Corrections in the tag builder.
* Refrain from showing sticky articles from non-frontpage sections in search
* Enable separate search section for messy URL mode.
* Many, many minor improvements.
Changes in 4.0.5
* Fixed security issue on public-side (XSS) (thanks zarathu).
* Fixed path disclosure issue (thanks zarathu).
* Search for posted and last modifed dates in article list.
* New tag: <txp:hide /> as a container for comments and other internal content.
* Changed tags: <txp:comments />, <txp:category_list />, <txp:section_list />
and <txp:image_index /> support 'sort' attribute.
* Distribute jQuery 1.1.2 as a default JavaScript library.
* Keep image properties on replacement.
* Add 'delete thumbnail' function.
* Support back end branding: customisable logo and colour bar.
* Table sort indicators.
* Textile improvements.
* Fix non-utf8 mails (iso 8859-1).
* Better wrapping in admin-interface to prevent horizontal scrollbar.
* Add comment status to comment notification mails.
* Fix "infinite" pagination in rare edge cases.
* Work around apache bug for file-downloads (in connection with mod_deflate).
* Fix error messages on wrong logins for older MySQL versions.
* Fix comment spam blacklist false positives (see FAQ for 4.0.4).
* Fix file_download-tag from showing the same URL for different downloads (see
FAQ for 4.0.4).
* Fix disappearing comment preferences in certain ciscumstances (see FAQ for
* Fix 'active class' in section_list, category_list.
* Better cooperation with some proxies (and other HTTP/1.0 clients).
* Smarter comment submit button emphasises preview step.
* Optionally hide spam comments in back end list.
* Truncate longish article category titles in the write screen.
* Handle thumbnailing of larger images.
* Better MoveableType import.
* Fix some more IIS issues.
* New callback event: 'textpattern_end'.
* New callback event: 'ping'.
* New tag: <txp:article_url_title />.
* Changed tag: <txp:permlink /> loses default title attribute.
* Changed tag: <txp:file_download_link /> returns filename as an additional URL
* Many, many minor improvements.
Changes in 4.0.4:
* RSS 2.0 support.
* RSS and Atom feed fixes and improvements.
* Many improvements to admin interface XHTML markup and CSS.
* Many subtle improvements to the admin UI.
* Add automatical detection of and working with SSL.
* add nowidow-attribute to article tags.
* Adapt navigation-elemts to the user's permissions.
* Lots of Textile improvements.
* Fixed sending Last-Modified header.
* Better indexing for faster article list queries.
* Update to tag builders.
* Show (source of) plugin-help before installation.
* Improvements in translations (and translateables) (thanks Skubidu and others).
* New translations: Indonesian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian.
* Improved handling of comma-separated values in tag attributes.
* article, article_custom tags: new 'sort' attribute.
* New conditional if_article_id.
* author, category, category1, category2 tags: can link to any section by name.
* Improved XHTML attributes on many tags (class, rel).
* time and date tags: new attributes for overriding language, GMT.
* css, feed_link tags: easier generation of XHTML 'link' tags.
* New link tags: link_category, link_date, link_name, link_url.
* Navigation tag improvements (new attributes, improved XHTML output).
* Warn if article or comment tags are used in the wrong context.
* Improved error checking, reporting and diagnostics.
* Stricter 404 checking (missing category, author, messy article ID).
* Simplify and improve comment preview and input form tags.
* Improved article load/parse logic on individual article pages.
* Workaround some rare FCGI problems with HTTP headers.
* Fix some IIS clean URL issues.
* Improved multi-edit support on admin pages.
* Deprecate old-style PHP tags.
* Don't lose your place in admin lists when returning from an edit.
* Extra diagnostic info and pre-flight tests.
* Better time zone handling.
* Remember and automatically reuse thumbnail size settings.
* Textile: fix inline class/style/lang.
* Warn when article and comment tags are used in the wrong place.
* New 'if_plugin' conditional checks for an active plugin, with optional version
* Fix an occasional time zone bug.
* Fix 404 errors on clean category URLs.
* Add backtrace list to error messages in Debug mode.
* Add limit attribute to search_result_excerpt tag.
* Add escape and default attributes to custom_field tag.
* Fix image-upload for outdated gdlib-installations (wet).
* Fix label attribute breadcrumb function (richard).
* Add if_author, if_article_author (with attribute 'name') (mary).
* Allow multiple sections for if_article_section (like for if_section,
if_category) (mary).
* Display link category's title, rather than name, in the links page (mary).
* Extend article_image tag to optionally display the article image thumbnail
* Many minor bugfixes.
Changes in 4.0.3:
* fixed 2 potential security holes(detected in internal code review). Updade is
* Textile i18n improvements.
* Add a bulk Ban function for comments.
* Automatically hide comments when banning an IP.
* Fix comments 'page by'.
* Fix double translated linebreaks in comments.
* Fix nofollow in comments.
* Fix preview without textile in certain edge cases.
* Seperate hidden comments into unmoderated and spam.
* Add bulk changing of comment status (visible, moderated, spam).
* Better error-handling in comments-form when critical fields are missing.
* New tag: <txp:comments_error /> (and conditional <txp:if_comments_error>).
* Style-able error-message and form-elements via CSS (class=comments_warn).
* Plugin-Authors: Add callbacks for future spam-plugins [,
* Plugin-Authors: Add getComment() and comment_evaluator for future
* Plugin-Authors: Allow (optionally, transparently) for installing compressed
* Plugin-Authors: Add window events using addEvent, to allow multiple events
loading at window.onload, useful for admin side plugins.
* Improve MySQL 5 compatibility.
* Add comment edit link to notification emails.
* Make comment-time format customizable in tag (mary).
* Add offset-attribute to file_download_list (mary).
* Make older, newer and link_to_home work more consistantly with other nav-tags
* Fix mailto: links.
* Fix tag trace output for enclosing tags.
* Update comment_count after import.
* Add extra info to the tag trace (SQL queries, conditional tag results, page
template and form names).
Changes in 4.0.2:
* Fix a bug in 404 handling on some fastcgi servers.
* Fix a bug that prevented file_download_list from working properly.
* Fix a redirection bug in the comment form.
* Fix occasional category URL i18n problems.
* Remove extra trailing slash in some breadcrumb links.
* Make articles by author work properly.
* Make feed_link support section and category correctly.
* Add correct content-type to popup comments page.
* Fix an obscure feed caching bug.
* Fix a possible problem with circular dependencies when loading plugins.
* Fix timestamps in Atom feeds.
* Fix occasional Atom encoding issues.
* UI improvements when creating/copying/deleting styles.
* Improve performance of the language loader.
* Make date-based permlinks work properly in comment emails.
* Better handling of invalid login cookies.
* Use page templates for 404 (and other) error pages.
* Minor Atom validation improvements.
* Improved comment conditionals logic; txp:if_comments now means 'if the current
article has at least 1 comment'.
* Minor performance improvements.
* New txp:if_status and txp:page_url tags.
* Prevent config.php whitespace from breaking stylesheets.
* UI improvements to JavaScript toggles.
* Improved comment input form HTML markup.
* Improved txp:section and txp:category tags.
* New tags: txp:if_different, txp:if_first_article, txp:if_last_article.
* Localise the XML feed link title.
* Better encoding of article titles.
* Fix rare problems caused by magic_quotes_runtime.
* Improved file upload forms.
* New language: Latvian.
* Support section and category titles in txp:breadcrumb.
* Allow decimals=0 in txp:file_download_size tag.
* Minor diagnostic info changes.
* New labeltag attribute on most list tags.
* Restore use_textile preference.
* Minor HTML validation fixes.
* Developers: new safe_upsert() database function.
* Fall back to English if no language data is available.
* Support comma-separated names in txp:if_category and txp:if_section.
* Identify the offending tag when displaying error messages in templates
and forms.
* Add include_default attribute to txp:section_list.
* Add support for changing status and section on multiple articles at once.
* Fix nested category titles in txp:breadcrumb.
* Improved comment message markup.
* Restore the comments_closed message.
* Better handling of per-article Use Textile selection.
* Add class attribute to comments_invite for CSS classes.
* Added 4 attributes to comments_invite: showcount, wraptag, textonly (just the
invite-text) and showalways (also display on individual article-pages).
<comments_invite wraptag="p" showcount="0" textonly="1" showalways="1" />
* Support c-style backslash sequences in tag attributes.
* Fix some rare bugs in feeds, admin list paging.
* Add a pageby attribute to txp:article, for multi-column lists.
* Fix txp:link_to_next/prev so they work at the top of a page.
* Minor speed improvements, new class and linkclass attributes for
txp:breadcrumb tag.
* Added txp:comments_preview and txp:if_comments_preview tags. Example usage:
<div id="cpreview" style="background-color:#FF0">
<b>Hello, the following is your preview</b>
<txp:comments_preview />
<txp:comments_form preview="1" />
* Fixed unparsed excerpts in Feeds.
* Textile: smarter handling of relative link and image paths.
* Textile: stop footnote links from clashing in article lists.
* Added fi_FI locale support.
Changes in 4.0.1:
* Fixed some serious security issues. Updates are strongly recommended.
* Fixed textile problems (missing block-elements in some cases; notextile;
* Fixed updating of comment_count when deleting comments.
* Fixed bug in Atom feeds (multiple identical excerpts).
* Added new permission level (article.edit.own.published, allows you to edit own
articles _after_ publishing).
* Added very basic 404 support (correct 404 Headers are sent).
* Added new languages (Islenska, Suomi).
* Fixed bugs in articles by author (clean and messy URLs).
* Fixed category_list to use clean URLs when appropriate.
* Fixed installation problems with certain database prefixes by limiting
possible prefixes.
* Fixed timezone issue with ymd permlinks.
* Fixed GMT formatting of dates.
* Fixed bugs with i18n-ascii.txt and added a few new items.
* Added language overrides to dirifying url_titles.
* Several improvements to url_titles (including not updating them until
* Several improvements to diagnostics.
* Added style and class attributes to txp:permlink.
* Fixed bugs with multibyte strings in some URLs.
* Added contextual information to page title on the admin side.
* Fixed problems with larger file downloads.
* Fixed file_download_link with multiple files.
* Fixed logging of file downloads (only finished downloads are counted; aborts
go to normal logs).
* Fixed problems with sending mail on some systems.
* Improvements to older/newer tags.
* Developers: added more consistent URL generation via new pagelinkurl()
* Developers: added callbacks to public side (for example to handle 404s).