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The Project

Tezos is a distributed consensus platform with meta-consensus capability. Tezos not only comes to consensus about the state of its ledger, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It also attempts to come to consensus about how the protocol and the nodes should adapt and upgrade.

  • Developer documentation is available online at always in sync with the master branch (which may be desynchronized with the code running on the live networks, replace master in the URL by the branch of your choice: mainnet, alphanet, zeronet, to make sure you are consulting the right API version)
  • The website contains more information about the project.
  • All development happens on GitLab at

The source code of Tezos is placed under the MIT Open Source License.

The Community

The Networks

The Tezos Alpha (test) network has been live and open since February 2017.

The Tezos Beta (experimental) network has been live and open since June 2018.