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Deprecation notice

Azure DevOps Server is deprecating the old work item APIs. They are likely not going to be removed any time soon, but we can't keep supporting this plugin version forever.

Our recomendation is to migrate to aggregator-cli which can now be hosted on Azure Functions or in Docker.

We won't do any major investment in this Plugin version and our bandwidth for support is limited.

This server side plugin, for TFS 2013 update 2 up to TFS 2018.3 and Azure DevOps Server 2019 and 2020, enables running custom script when Work Items change, allowing dynamic calculation of field values in TFS and more. (For example: Dev work + Test Work = Total Work).


The complete documentation is available on the project's Documentation Site.


What's new in v2.6

  • Adds support for Azure Devops Server 2020 beta, RC and RTW.

What's new in v2.5

  • Adds support for Azure DevOps Server 2019.0, 2019.0.1, 2019.1RC1, 2019.1RC1, 2019.1
  • Adds support for TFS 2018.2 and 2018.3

What's new in v2.4

  • Added support for TFS 2015.4.1
  • Added support for TFS 2017.0.1
  • Added support for TFS 2017.1
  • Added support for TFS 2017.2
  • Added support for TFS 2017.3
  • Added support for TFS 2017.3.1
  • Added support for TFS 2018
  • Added support for TFS 2018.1 RC
  • Added support for TFS 2018.1
  • Added support for TFS 2018.2
  • Fixes TemplateScope in TFS 2017 update 2 and higher
  • Added text to installer explaining the 2017u2 version works with 2017u3 as well
  • Added text to installer explaining the 2018 version works with 2018u1 as well
  • Reading and removal of Work item Links self.WorkItemLinks self.RemoveWorkItemLink
  • Global List editing with AddItemToGlobalList and RemoveItemFromGlobalList
  • Startup logging controlled by configuration file
  • New code layout, contributors are urged to read Source Code
  • Support for work-item-deleted event

What's new in v2.2

  • Support for TFS 2017
  • Macro snippets and Functions for Rules and make code more modular
  • Ability to specify server URL
  • Support for multiple workitem Ids in Console application (issue #178)
  • Ability to Send email from Rules
  • Migrated CI build from AppVeyor to VSTS
  • Use of GitVersion to manage Semantic Versioning

What's new in v2.1.1

  • Fixes important bug causing very high CPU usage (see #160).

What's new in v2.1

  • Support for TFS 2015.2, TFS 2015.2.1 and TFS 2015.3
  • Extended logging in debug version
  • Ability to override base Uri of the aggregator
  • Improvements in the setup
  • Adds PreviousRevision/NextRevision properties to Work Items to navigate history
  • Adds Uri field to Work Items
  • Removed policyscope on Workitem template GUID and revision (didn't work anyway)

What's new in v2

  • A 'real' Scripting language (C#, VB, Powershell)
  • Scoping allows select which rules apply to which Team Project
  • Enhanced filtering to trigger rules when conditions are met
  • Console application to quickly test new rules
  • Richer logging
  • Test harness and modularity to ease adding new features
  • Create new Work Items and Links using rules
  • and more...

Example Uses

  • Update the state of a Bug, PBI (or any parent) to "In Progress" when a child gets moved to "In Progress"
  • Update the state of a Bug, PBI (or any parent) to "Done" when all children get moved to "Done" or "Removed"
  • Update the "Work Remaining" on a Bug, PBI, etc with the sum of all the Task's "Work Remaining".
  • Update the "Work Remaining" on a Sprint with the sum of all the "Work Remaining" of its grandchildren (i.e. tasks of the PBIs and Bugs in the Sprint).
  • Sum up totals on a single work item (i.e. Dev Estimate + Test Estimate = Total Estimate)
  • Create new work items
  • Create new work item links

Contributing to the Project

Please read the Contributing document.


A server side plugin for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Azure DevOps Server for performing various Work Item related calculations, create new Work Items and Links automatically.