🎄 Advent of Code 2018: Solutions in Kotlin
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Advent of Code 2018 Solutions in Kotlin


This repo is my personal attempt at solving the Advent of Code 2018 set of problems with the Kotlin programming language.

I am trying to solve these on the day they are posted with clear, idiomatic solutions. That means in some cases I will sacrifice performance for a more clear solution.

Day Title Links
1 Chronal Calibration [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
2 Inventory Management System [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
3 No Matter How You Slice It [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
4 Repose Record [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
5 Alchemical Reduction [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
6 Chronal Coordinates [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
7 The Sum of Its Parts [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
8 Memory Maneuver [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
9 Marble Mania [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
10 The Stars Align [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
11 Chronal Charge [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
12 Subterranean Sustainability [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]

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