A plugin for TypeDoc that exposes a theme and options for rendering markdown.
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A plugin for TypeDoc that exposes a theme and additional arguments for rendering markdown.

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npm install --save-dev typedoc typedoc-plugin-markdown


The plugin provides an additional theme named 'markdown' that can be referenced by name:


$ node_modules/.bin/typedoc --theme markdown

npm script

"scripts": {
 "docs": "typedoc --theme markdown"


The plugin exposes the following arguments in addition to TypeDoc's defaults:

--mdEngine <github|bitbucket|gitbook>

The target markdown rendering engine:

Engine Description
github (default) Optimized for GitHub Flavored markdown.
bitbucket Renders markdown to support Bitbucket's internal anchor linking.
gitbook Generates additional SUMMARY.md file to enable a table of contents.


Suppress source file linking from output.

--mdSourceRepo <path.to.repo>(Ignored on GitHub repositories)

For projects hosted on GitHub TypeDoc resolves source files. This argument allows targeting of source files hosted on other environments.

For Bitbucket use: https://bitbucket.org/owner/repository_name.

What does it look like?

The markdown theme aims to provide the same functionality as the default theme with a simple breadcrumb navigation. To get an idea of the output view some generic example output.


Thanks to kimamula's typedoc-markdown-theme for the inspiration behind this project.