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@th-ch th-ch released this Sep 19, 2021

Full diff

  • update various dependencies
  • improve readme - including a more precise list of plugins (by @konhi)
  • use node v14
  • add plugin to fetch lyrics from Genius
  • MPRIS support on Linux (by @itzmanish)
  • Tuna plugin for ops (by @mesmerx)
  • fix rendering of menu buttons

Credits to @Araxeus and @cpiber for their help on PR reviews + all contributors of opened PRs (that have not been reviewed yet 🙈)

itzmanish, mesmerx, and 3 other contributors
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@th-ch th-ch released this Jul 1, 2021

  • Fix downloader
  • Update in-app-menu (by @Araxeus)
  • Update dependencies
  • Sponsorblock plugin
  • Update adblocker
  • Fix image metadata (by @Araxeus)
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@th-ch th-ch released this May 28, 2021

Note: this release is mostly a follow up of 1.12.0 (various fixes)

  • downloader plugin: fix metadata (by @Araxeus)
  • downloader plugin: unlimited playlist size + better UX (by @Araxeus)
  • shortcuts plugin: fix event listerner on all keys (by @Araxeus)
  • fix CSS not inserted on reload (by @Araxeus)
  • improve pause behavior (by @Araxeus)
  • fix App ID on windows (by @Araxeus)
  • bump various dependencies (improvements, security fixes)
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@th-ch th-ch released this May 5, 2021

Note: this release includes more than 250 commits since 1.11.0! Changelog sums up most of the changes but some might have been omitted.

  • Increase top margin for MacOS
  • Add custom menu support for plugins
  • Last.FM plugin (by @semvis123)
  • Taskbar media controls plugin (by @Araxeus)
  • In-app-menu plugin (by @Araxeus)
  • Improve downloader plugin (download playlist, download if player not in foreground, mutex in FFMpeg, download folder picker by @Araxeus)
  • Refactored menu (by @Araxeus)
  • Notification plugin: configurable notification urgency (by @SapuSeven)
  • Remove 'shortcuts'+'discord' from default plugins (by @Araxeus)
  • various updates of dependencies
  • Bugfix in Discord plugin (by @Araxeus)
  • Precise volume plugin (by @Araxeus)
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@th-ch th-ch released this Mar 9, 2021

  • Handle uncaught errors
  • Clear cache after 20s if option is enabled
  • fix menu items (downloader, playback speed)
  • resume on start option
  • New plugin "disable autoplay"
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@th-ch th-ch released this Feb 8, 2021

  • all YTM shortcuts available + custom global/local shortcuts can be defined (shortcuts plugin)
  • "artist - title" format in downloader (downloader plugin)
  • re-use same notification object (notifications plugin)
  • add option to reset cache
  • wait 2s before displaying the update popup, so that the main window does not cover it
  • new plugin to control playback speed (from 0.25 to 2)
  • remember window position on exit
  • bump YoutubeNonStop (auto-confirm-when-paused plugin)
  • do not run the app after Windows install (restore past behavior)
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@th-ch th-ch released this Jan 15, 2021

  • various updates including electron 11 and security updates
  • Discord plugin - credits to @semvis123
  • add title/artist metadata in downloader plugin
  • refactored plugins with providers (song info/controls) - credits to @semvis123
  • portable Windows version
  • tray: option to play/pause on tray click
  • Custom audio format in downloader with advanced options
  • touchbar plugin - credits to @semvis123
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Jan 12, 2021
Merge pull request #118 from th-ch/dl-custom-audio-format
Downloader plugin - custom audio format
Jan 8, 2021
Merge pull request #116 from th-ch/snyk-upgrade-041c3272121410c1cb380…

[Snyk] Upgrade electron-updater from 4.3.5 to 4.3.6