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A library for declaratively creating flux standard actions that check the payload type using React's PropTypes system.

Flux standard actions are of the form:

  "type": "ADD_TODO",
  "payload": {
    "text": "Do something."  

With react-safe-actions you'd create a function to create the action like this:

var PropTypes = require('prop-types');
var createAction = require('react-safe-actions');
var doSomething = createAction('ADD_TODO', {
	text: PropTypes.string.isRequired

And you'd call it like this:

dispatch(doSomething('Do something.'));

Note that single argument payloads are special cased so you can just pass the argument, normally you pass the arguments as an options object (see the with more than one argument example below).

Action payloads are validated to make sure they conform to the payload's schema at construction time, when the schema isn't satisfied an exception is thrown:

Error: Required prop id was not specified in EDIT_TODO.

Note that the checking is turned off if NODE_ENV is set to production.

Here you can see a full set of changes to redux' todo-mvc example.

Usage Examples

No Arguments

var noArgsAction = createAction('NO_ARGS');
// {type: 'NO_ARGS'}

One Argument

Actions with one argument are special cased so that they can just be called with that one argument rather than the payload options:

var oneArgAction = createAction('ONE_ARG', {
	foo: PropTypes.string.isRequired
oneArgAction('the arg for foo');
// {type: 'ONE_ARG': payload: {foo: 'the arg for foo'}}
oneArgAction(); // throws

More than one argument

var multiArgAction = createAction('MANY_ARGS', {
	foo: PropTypes.string.isRequired,
	bar: PropTypes.string.isRequired
multiArgAction({foo: 'the foo arg', bar: 'the bar arg'});
// {type: 'MANY_ARGS', payload: {foo: 'the foo arg', bar: 'the bar arg'}}
multiArgAction({foo: 'the foo arg'}); // throws

With an error

var anyArgs = createAction('ANY_ARGS', {
	foo: PropTypes.string.isRequired,
	bar: PropTypes.string.isRequired
anyArgs(new Error('Badness'));
// {type: 'ANY_ARGS', error: true payload: Error('Badness')}


MIT License


A library to create validating flux standard actions.




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