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Thane Thomson edited this page Feb 1, 2017 · 20 revisions

Statik aims to be a simple, yet powerful, generic static web site generator. Instead of forcing you to adhere to a particular data structure/model (like the standard blog data model, with posts, pages and tags), Statik allows you to define your own data models in YAML format, and instances of those data models either in YAML or Markdown. This is all loaded into an in-memory SQLAlchemy SQLite database when rendering your views.

Then, code up your templates using the Jinja2 templating engine (very similar to the Django templating engine), or Mustache templates.

Finally, define your views (either complex or simple) in YAML format, telling Statik how to render your data and templates to specific URLs for your shiny new static web site. Write queries for your views in SQLAlchemy's ORM syntax, or MLAlchemy to make your life easier.