Streaming sparse Gaussian process approximations
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Streaming sparse Gaussian process approximations

This repository contains an implementation of several online/streaming sparse GP approximations for regression and classification (Bui, Nguyen and Turner, NIPS 2017). In particular, implements the uncollapsed variational free-energy for regression and classification, and implements the collapsed variational free-energy and Power-EP energy for the regression case.

We also provide an implementation of the collapsed batch Power-EP sparse approximation of Bui, Yan and Turner (2017).

The code was tested using GPflow 0.4.0 and tensorflow 1.2 on a Linux machine and a Mac. Note that latest GPflow breaks backward-compatibility.


We provide several test scripts (regression and classification) to demonstrate the usage. Running these examples should the results similar to the following figures:




Thang D. Bui, Cuong V. Nguyen and Richard E. Turner


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