DevOps Microservices NodeJS Starter Project
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If you are planning to build a project with Microservices pattern and DevOps culture, you can use this source code.

In this source code, I built two services, one for Frontend AngularJS and Bootstrap, one for Backend ExpressJS and Mongoose. All services in this project is dockerized and pushed to Docker Hub. You can read Dockerfile in each service for further details. To create a new service, you just create a new directory, writing source code for that service and update docker-compose.yml file.


The Orchestration of Project is written in docker-compose.yml file. So it is so easily to understand and run the project.

docker-compose up

Using Vagrant and Virtualbox

We also start from Virtual Machine layer with Vagrant.

vagrant up

After that, you can access the application via link:

You can read Vagrantfile to understand what we need to prepare for VMs.

System Architecture

After running docker-compose up we will have a system as below:

Starting a Miroservices-DevOps Project with NodeJS and Docker


Part Title Git Tag
1 Starting with ExpressJS 1.0
2 Logger with Winston 1.1
4 Config Management with Node-Config 1.2
5 ExpressJS and Mongoose 2.0
6 Building Create User API 2.1
7 Adding Swagger Documents 2.2
8 Building Login API 2.3
9 Building Get User List/Detail API 2.4
10 Authorization all APIs 2.5
11 Unit Test 2.6
12 Building Config API 3.0
13 Using Cache 3.1
14 Using Queue 3.2
15 Starting AngularJS with Yeoman 4.0
16 Config Management for AngularJS 4.1
17 Building Login Page 4.2
18 Building Register Page 4.3
19 Building List User Page 4.4
20 Pagination with AngularJS and Bootstrap 4.5
21 Multiple Languages 4.6
22 AngularJS Unit Test 4.7
23 Building User Detail Page 4.8
24 Dockerize Aplication 5.0
25 Orchestration with Docker Compose 5.1

For Developer

Setup Backend

cd api-seed
npm install
# create local configuration file
cp config/default.json config/local.json
# edit local.json for match your environment

Run Backend

node index.js

Setup Frontend

cd site-seed
npm install
bower install
# create local configuration file
cp config/default.json config/local.json
# edit local.json for match your environment

Run Frontend with Grunt

grunt serve

Monitor & Logs

This starter project also fully supports monitor by using Telegraf, InfluxDB, Grafana and Kapacitor. Supports centralizing Logs with fluentd, Kibana and Elasticsearch.


You may meet some trouble with Elasticsearch 5.0+ (requires at least 4G RAM). And run command:

sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144


Tiếng Việt

  1. Tạo một API đầu tiên với NodeJS
  2. Quản lý Logs trong dự án NodeJS
  3. Quản lý Config trong dự án NodeJS
  4. Cài đặt và chạy thử MongoDB trên Ubuntu Server
  5. Bắt đầu với ExpressJS và Mongoose


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