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Official Collection of KeyMagic Keyboard Layouts
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KeyMagic Keyboards

Collection of KeyMagic Keyboard Layouts

  • Some keyboards are officially maintained by KeyMagic project
  • Some keyboards are user submitted and not maintained by KeyMagic Project
  • Some keyboards are provided along with source (kms)

Submitting new keyboard


  • You are owner of the keyboard you are submitting or authorized person to submit.
  • You may submit km2 file with or without kms file.
  • By submitting your keyboard, you are granting permissions to us to host your keyboard and redistribute the km2 file you are submitting.
  • If you are submitting along with kms source file, you are granting permissions to us to modify and redistribute the kms file you are submitting.


You need to know basic Git knowledge for submitting keyboards

  1. Forkhow-to this repository and clone the forked repository to your computer.
  2. Create new directory with keyboard name in cloned repository
  3. Make git commit for new keyboard files.
  4. Create a new Pull Request how-to to submit a new keyboard.
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