A custom select for @twitter bootstrap using button dropdown (originally by Silvio Moreto).
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A custom select/multiselect for Bootstrap using button dropdown, designed to behave like regular Bootstrap selects.

Demo and Documentation

See Bootstrap 3 examples here and here.


Modifications by thdoan

  • Added option for custom caret icon class
  • Added option for thumbnails in <option>
  • Added title for <option> element
  • Added aria-hidden="true" for all icons
  • Added logic to sync disabled state on 'change' event
  • Changed cursor for optgroup headers to 'default'
  • Suppressed checkmark element if not multi-select
  • Decoupled iconBase class so you can mix and match
  • Removed using <option> value as title (uses <select> title)
  • Removed showContent option (add data attribute to show)
  • Removed showIcon option (add data attribute to show)
  • Removed showSubtext option (add data attribute to show)
  • Minor code optimizations


Create your <select> with the .selectpicker class.

<select class="selectpicker">

If you use a 1.6.3 or newer, you don't need to to anything else, as the data-api automatically picks up the <select>s with the selectpicker class.

If you use an older version, you need to add the following either at the bottom of the page (after the last selectpicker), or in a $(document).ready() block.

// To style only <select>s with the selectpicker class


// To style all <select>s

If you want to use a custom caret icon:

// Set custom caret icon
  caretIcon: 'fa fa-angle-down'

Check out the documentation for further information.

Copyright and License

Copyright (C) 2013-2015 bootstrap-select

Licensed under the MIT license.