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(Week 3) Amber & Nikema (As a user, I want to set up a new shopping list)

Nikema Prophet edited this page Jan 2, 2020 · 12 revisions

This token baron flew gibby is associated with several list items in the database

Finishing up the story from last week -,-I-want-to-set-up-a-new-shopping-list)


A shopping list consists of a set of items associated with a user’s token. Tokens can be shared with other users to allow them to co-manage a given list. Creating a new list consists of the following:

✅ Generate a new unique token

✅ Save the token to localStorage

⬜️ Show the user the list view

The following script can be used to generate a suitable token:

The requested changes from Andrew:

This is a great start, but is a little incomplete. Importantly, from the story description:

 A shopping list consists of a set of items associated with a user’s token.

What I'd like to see added to what you have is the following:

 Once the user has a token, redirect them back to / (our list view)
 On the list view, show only items associated with the user's token (should be able to add this as a parameter to the Firestore query)

You may need to add some records to the database directly to get them to display. In the next set of stories, we'll address adding items to the list in a way that stores the user's token as well (I'm a bit confused how that's already implemented because that story hasn't come up yet)

It looks like we will need to interact with Firebase to associate the user token with the list items. I will start looking at documentation and share anything I find that's relevant. Also, I will go back and study the earlier work to see how Firebase is set up in our project. --Nikema

12/30 - I watched this video and didn't code along but it I found it helpful to see how to make an app from scratch with Firebase and React. I know some of this is already in place from the first week in our app. Firebase Tutorial With React Hooks

More Resources I'm looking at:


I need to look up the Context API

Brainstorming/Pair Programming 1/1/2020

How do we satisfy this story?

If creating a new list, clear any token if it exists in localstorage

  • Generate a new token

If retrieving

  • grab token from localstorage

The add item will need access to the token string so it can be added to the database

  • Add item to the new list
  • Send token and item to the database
  • Show list of all items associated with a given token

Our query was fine we needed to build an index because it is a compound query

List associated with token

At Andrew's suggestion, I changed the query from the hard-coded token to the one saved in local storage.

List associated with token

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