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    const Filter = require('scim-query-filter-parser');

    const filter = new Filter('userName eq "somebody123"');

    // get the parsed filter as an RPN stack
    const rpn = filter.rpn;

    // get the parsed filter as an expression tree
    const tree = filter.tree;

    // get the parsed filter as an expression tree
    const results = [
        {userName: 'somebody123'},
        {userName: 'somebody456'}


This implements a parser for the filtering syntax defined in System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) Protocol 1.1. It is originally a port of scim-query-filter-parser-rb and was built for use by AuthX;

This package can parse one of these filter queries and produce a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) stack or expression tree.

It can also be used to test resources against the parsed filter query.

For example, parse this filter query string:

userType eq "Employee" and (emails co "" or emails co "")

Into this RPN stack (array):

['userType', '"Employee"', 'eq', 'emails', '""', 'co', 'emails', '""', 'co', 'or', 'and']

Or, optionally into this expression tree:


Methods & Properties

new Filter(filterQueryString, [preserveCase=false])

Parse a SCIM filter query and return a Filter object.


Get the RPN array created by the most recent parse.


Get the parse result converted to a tree form.


Tests a resource against a filter. This method is already bound to the filter, so that it can easily be used as an argument for Array.prototype.filter and similar methods.