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Shopify theme development toolkit.
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Shopify theme development toolkit.

npm i @slater/cli --save-dev


Place your entire theme within the /src directory, including a Shopify-standard config.yml.

JS/CSS is compiled using rollup and postcss. This library expects a single entrypoint at /src/scripts/index.js, so just import your modules and stylesheets there and you should be good to go.

Example structure:

- package.json
- src/
  |- config.yml # standard issue Shopify
  |- scripts/
    |- index.js
  |- styles/
    |- main.css
  |- layout/
  |- templates/
  |- sections/
  |- snippets/
  |- locales/
  |- config/
  |- assets/


slater watch


Build JavaScript and CSS, copy theme to /build directory.

slater build


Build JavaScript and CSS, copy theme to /build directory, push to Shopify.

slater deploy

Live-reloading & HTTPS

slater uses an local SSL certification to correspond with Shopify's HTTPS hosted themes. To take advantage of live-reloading, you need to create a security exception for the slater cert (this is safe). To do this, load https://localhost:3000 in your browser, and following the instructions for adding an exception. If it works, you should see this in your browser window:

@slater/cli successfully connected



Specify a theme from config.yml. Defaults to development.

slater deploy --env=production

Config File

slater also supports a slater.config.js as well, which supports all the same options as @friendsof/spaghetti.

// slater.config.js
module.exports = {
  jsx: 'preact.h',
  map: 'inline-cheap-source-map',
  alias: {
    foo: './bar'


MIT License (c) 2018 The Couch, LLC

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