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The Full Stack Website

This website came online in January 2021.

It uses mkdocs, which you can set up with make setup.

To develop locally, run make serve and edit the files.

To deploy, push main branch to github and it will deploy via github action, or manually run make deploy.

Processing lecture notes


cd lecture-notes-creator
pipenv install
# then run the 00-process-lectures.ipynb notebook in the pipenv environment


Download Google Doc as input.docx, then run:

pandoc --extract-media=. input.docx -o
cat | sed 's/^#/##/' | sed 's/^ *> //g' | sed s'/{.underline}//g' | sed 's/\[\[/[/g' | sed 's/\]\]/]/g' | sed 's/{width=.*}//g' | sed 's/{width=.*"$//' | sed 's/^height=.*"}//' >