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This is a semester project of CUET. To run this program, the following steps need to follow:

  • The login window requires admin username and password. initially username "root" and and password "pass" can be used. Then new account can be added.

  • There are 4 tables in database. One for Login, one for student record, one for Offense and verdicts record and one for certificate issue record.

  • C# is used for GUI and coding, and MySql is used for database store and query.

  • The student database will contain the the important info that is available in academy. so, it will not be needed to search the papers for information.

  • Student records can be searched by any of the information from the given fields including ID, student name, dept, Father's name, contact info, etc.

  • The character certificate can be issued and delivered easily after seeing the search result.

  • there is an option for "count issued and delived certificate" for each student to store the amount of issued and delivered certificate.

  • The database is included with the attached file.

  • The dashboard form was the main form. then other "user control" forms are added within the panel.

  • Microsoft visual studio is used as IDE. we used phpMyadmin for database purpose.

  • as the non-technical people will handle this software, we tried to make it user friendly.

  • As we built this software from the scratch, it may not be enrich with functions, but students can work in this software in future.


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