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You'll lose all of your previous revisions.

  • Reduce storage volume
  • Add delete revisions feature.
    • Christmas came early. Do not forget to set permissions.
  • Add interchangeable detail level feature.
    • You can immediately change the views of the diffs from one level to another without worrying about previous diffs which were calculated before.
  • Update renderer views & layouts.
  • Fix pluralization for forum.revisionInfo key (thanks to @rob006)
  • Update


  • Fix users always gets "PermissionDeniedException" when redrawing the post.
  • Fix table headings are missing.
  • Fix typos in translation keys (seperate -> separate).
  • Update php-diff library to 6.4.4


  • Update directory structure.


  • Fix diff list is not showing up immediately after clicking the "Edited" button.
  • Fix diff list is not showing up on [deleted] user's post.
  • Add store diffs in app.cache on "Edited" button's click event.
  • Add fof/nightmode support.
  • Update dependencies.


Initial release (as WIP).

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