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the Alphas site
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the Alphas site

Simple portfolio site

Get these tasks done and or add yours

  • Start up something with the site
  • Write an actual documentation
  • Update the website
  • Contact the members

Adding your details to the team.json

You can simply input your details in this format to add a new member, fill in your details in the format by adding a new block encapsulated within curly braces{...}

Make sure to insert a comma on the previous block before adding yours like so

{ previous member block ... },

{ your block ... }

You can add your image to the repo by adding it to the img/ folder and set img to a relative path, if you have trouble with this, feel free to raise an issue or contact @miracleonyenma

"members" : [
        "name": "Miracle Onyenma",
        "role": "Web Developer",
        "company" : "Alphas",
        "bio" : "I'm a Designer, developer, tech lover and code junkie",
        "img" : "./img/IMG_20190108_163639edit.jpg",
        "social" : [
        "icons" : [
            "fa fa-twitter",
            "fa fa-github"
        "name": "Your_name",
        "role": "your_role",
        "company" : "your-company",
        "bio" : "Your_bio",
        "img" : "./path_to_your_image",
        "social" : [
        "icons" : [

If you're looking for a fontawesome icon for you social media, check out w3schools fontawesome icons guide

Then, submit a PR when you're done!!

Netlify preview

Feel free to contribute

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