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Internet II: A unified data eco-system to re-organize the Internet and make the Creative Economy. For the curious, there is a simple demo that provides a (small) sense of the (large) possibilities waiting for the 3-d Web. [GNU GPL3]

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Hi.  This is a software project so impenetrable, it's topped only by it`s lonely awesomeness.  You're probably not ready for it.  Read/y or not.  Yep.

I'm posting here anyway for those trepid few who wander in, pulled by the lines of subtle agglutinizing forces which will bring this project to some fantastical completion.

You want a better world, you don't know how to do it.  You feel powerless.  
Pangaia will help.

You think the Internet has more potential, but you think surely the arena is tapped out by now.
Pangaia knows better than you in that case.

You're in a shitload of ennui, and you're looking for that particular hole in spacetime that will pull you outside your comfort zone and turn you into something radically productive.
Pangaia's t/here.

Fuck, you can't understand what this is all about.  Well get out now, you might go into an OOB.  This project's apparently so radical I've had to re-invent Computer Science just to hold onto it.  (Have PhDs programmed a real computer since the 70's?)

I have been arrested three times, too, but see the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still for background on that.  It's all bullshit.  I'm J.D.

Yes, it's called the Glass Bead Game, not Pangaia, but bugger off.  We get inconsistent.

Did you enter by the OneTruePath?  Then you're golden...

Over and out,

So transparent to be invisible.
cf. Gaia Hypothesis, by James Lovelock and 
Magister Ludi by Hermann Hesse
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