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For local use, change the following in

  • remove org.bson and com.mongodb imports
  • remove DB db
  • in go(), remove the path ending with .sh from both new IORobot() declarations
  • remove everything in saveGame(), you can add your own code here to print the winner for example

Then compile as follows: Windows (from cmd):

[go to the directory containing the .java files]
dir /b /s *.java>sources.txt
md classes
javac -d classes @sources.txt
del sources.txt


[go to the directory containing the .java files]
ls *.java > sources.txt
mkdir classes
javac -d classes @sources.txt
rm sources.txt

Then to run:

cd classes
java main.RunGame 0 0 0 "java bot.BotStarter" "java bot.BotStarter" 2>err.txt 1>out.txt

change the bots according to your own bots, error log will be outputted to err.txt and out log will be outputted to out.txt