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Bitradio is a PoS-based cryptocurrency.

Bitradio uses libsecp256k1, libgmp, Boost1.55, OR Boost1.57, Openssl1.01p, Berkeley DB 4.8, QT5 to compile

Block Spacing: 2 minutes Stake Minimum Age: 8 Hours

4,0 BRO for listenig to Radio (payed to users of 0,5 BRO for Masternode owners 0,5 BRO for Staking

P2P Port: 32454 RPC Port: 32455


  1. git clone

  2. cd Bitradio/src

  3. make -f makefile.unix # Headless


  1. strip Bitradiod

  2. sudo cp Bitradiod /usr/local/bin