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This repository serves as our open inbox. Ask us anything.

This is not the spot for sharing projects, articles, and news. GOTO

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Getting in touch is as easy as creating a new issue.

We'll try to respond as soon as we can. Once we've answered, we'll close the issue just so we know what we've covered it, but don't worry -- if you have any further questions just respond in the thread and we'll get back to you soon. Feel free to comment on older issues too, even if you didn't create it.

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Check out the closed issues filter to browse previous conversations we've had. We try to use this as an email replacement everyone can see, so feel free to dig into some of the older threads.


If you have something quick and easy, just ping us on Twitter. 280 characters makes everyone more efficient. We're @Changelog on Twitter.

Special thanks to Holman for leading the way.