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Diver is a dynamic analysis tool for Java that integrates scalable sequence diagram views with an interactive trace-focused UI in Eclipse. It provides sophisticated debugging support for understanding and exploring features of interest. Through a series of plugins for Eclipse, Diver allows you to: - easily record and capture traces of your runni…
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Diver: Dynamic Interactive Views For Reverse Engineering

Diver has been retired. Thanks for your support of our research project!

Diver is a set of advanced tools for debugging and reverse engineering. If you ever wondered, "What did my program just do?", Diver will help you find the answer. Diver is a set of Eclipse plugins that aid developers in understanding software. It uses dynamic analysis and reverse engineering to offer views and filters that aid comprehension and discovery.

Diver allows you to:

  • Easily trace your Java programs
  • Visualize your program's runtime functionality
  • Filter your IDE based on what occurs at runtime
  • See what code ran in your source code editors
  • And generally understand your software better

For more about Diver, visit the website, view the documents, or follow us at @eclipsediver.


In order to run, Diver needs:

  • Windows XP or above, or Linux.
  • 32-bit or 64-bit Java for Windows. Only 32-bit Java supported on Linux.
  • Eclipse 32-bit or 64-bit for Windows, or Eclipse 32-bit for Linux

Dynamic Interactive Tools for Reverse Engineering (Diver) is a ongoing research project of the Computer Human Interaction & Software Engineering Lab at the The University of Victoria. It was initiated by Del Myers, as partial fulfilment of his M.Sc.

Funded by Defence Research and Development Canada under contract W7701-82702/001/QCA and a DND/NSERC grant with IBM and DRDC Valcartier(DNDPJ 380607-09).

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