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DevHigh5 Program Overview and FAQ


DevHigh5 is a program from {code} by Dell EMC(tm) to recognize both Internal (Dell EMC Employees) and External developers that want to contribute code and projects that can help the broader communities to better use modern technology with Dell and EMC technology. The program is intended to recognize contributors, and make the process of contributing simple.

Why is Dell EMC doing this?

The technology world is rapidly changing, and open-source software is playing a significant role in that change. Dell EMC believes in open source software. {code} is here to share and collaborate with developers worldwide. Our mantra is: CODE OPEN, DEPLOY EVERYWHERE.

Who can contribute?

{code} is interested in anyone (Internal, Partners or any developers in open-software communities) that wants to contribute code to better use modern technology with Dell EMC. We'd also love to work with existing (or future) Dell EMC customers to highlight their projects.

How can you contribute?

The process involves just 5 simple steps, with expanded details provided here.

  1. Open Development
  2. Documentation
  3. Open Testing
  4. Verify Requirements
  5. Deploy to {code} on GitHub (if needed)

Has anyone contributed yet?

Yes, a number of projects have been contributed by Dell EMC employees and external developers. Just click on the DevHigh5 tag on the {code} website to see all the projects.

What's in it for contributors?

There are lots of great reasons to contribute:

  • The personal satisfaction of developing software that can help solve problems.
  • Recognition by the community for your contributions.
  • Engagement with other community members to solve other challenges and learn new technologies.
  • Recognition by the {code} team for your contributions – some cool {code} swag
  • Potentially helping customers and partners by augmenting the Dell EMC they deploy and operate

Who supports the projects?

Like with most open-source projects, they are community supported. Active support via the contributors and community has proven to create more robust software over time.

What if I'm not a developer or my coding skills aren't great?

Not a problem. While we believe that growing those coding skills will help your career, there are other ways to help the program:

  • Try out the code/tools/scripts/samples – feedback is valuable. Use it as a reason to experiment with learning about Git and Github.
  • Make a video of you using the code – great way to share your knowledge with a broad audience. Send the link in a tweet to @codeDellEMC.
  • Write a blog about your experience with things on {code}. Send the link in a tweet to @codeDellEMC.
  • Include something about {code} in a presentation to get people excited about the opportunities to contribute.
  • Tell a friend about {code}, and follow @codedellemc so you can keep up with what's new.
  • Join our Slack team consisting of thousands of people that are interested in open source.

How can I ask questions or get more details?

All the links you need are included on the {code} webpage, or you can always send an email to