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Kutt is a modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Shorten URLs, manage your links and view the click rate statistics.

Contributions and bug reports are welcome.

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Table of Contents

Key Features

  • Free and open source.
  • Custom domain support.
  • Custom URLs for shortened links
  • Set password for links.
  • Set description for links.
  • Expiration time for links.
  • Private statistics for shortened URLs.
  • View, edit, delete and manage your links.
  • Admin account to view, delete and ban links.
  • Ability to disable registration and anonymous link creation for private use.
  • RESTful API.


  • Node (Web server)
  • Express (Web server framework)
  • Passport (Authentication)
  • React (UI library)
  • Next (Universal/server-side rendered React)
  • Easy Peasy (State management)
  • styled-components (CSS styling solution library)
  • Recharts (Chart library)
  • PostgreSQL (database)
  • Redis (Cache layer)



You need to have Node.js, PostgreSQL and Redis installed.

  1. Clone this repository or download the latest zip.
  2. Copy .example.env to .env and fill it properly (see below).
  3. Install dependencies: npm install.
  4. Run for development: npm run dev.
  5. Run for production: npm run build then npm start.


  1. Download the docker-compose.yml and the .docker.env files.
  2. Rename .docker.env to .env and fill it properly (see below).
  3. To execute Kutt you simply have to run docker-compose up -d command and then the app should be ready on port "3000".

The docker-compose.yml uses the official kutt docker image available on Docker Hub.


For the minimal configuration the following settings have to be changed in the .env-file:

  • DEFAULT_DOMAIN: The domain of your kutt instance
  • DB_: The DB credentials (when you use docker-compose you can skip these)
  • ADMIN_EMAILS: A comma-separated list of the administrator-accounts
  • RECAPTCHA_: Enter your credentials to use reCaptchas or delete this setting if you don't want to use it
  • MAIL_: Enter the SMTP-server's credentials (The experience shows SSL works better than STARTTLS; The mail config is required to easily create accounts, see this comment how it can be done manually)
  • REPORT_EMAIL: Kutt offers a form to report malicious links which are sent to this mail-address

Browser Extensions

Download Kutt's extension for web browsers via below links. You can also find the source code on kutt-extension.


Visit API v2 documentation on



You can use Kutt as your default URL shortener in ShareX. If you host your custom instance of Kutt, refer to ShareX wiki on how to setup.

Alfred Workflow

Download Kutt's official workflow for Alfred app from alfred-kutt repository.

3rd Party packages

Language Link Description
C# (.NET) KuttSharp .NET package for url shortener
C# (.NET) Kutt.NET ✂️🔗 C# API Wrapper for Kutt
Python kutt-cli Command-line client for Kutt written in Python
Ruby kutt.rb Kutt library written in Ruby
Rust urlshortener URL shortener library written in Rust
Rust kutt-rs Command line tool written in Rust
Node.js node-kutt Node.js client for url shortener
JavaScript kutt-vscode Visual Studio Code extension for Kutt
Java kutt-desktop A Cross platform Java desktop application for Kutt
Go kutt-go Go client for url shortener
BASH GitHub Gist Simple BASH function to access the API
BASH url-shortener Simple BASH script with GUI


Kutt is free of charge and free of ads. Help us keep our servers running and motivate us to work on this project by donating to our Bitcoin wallet:



Pull requests are welcome. You'll probably find lots of improvements to be made.

Open issues for feedback, requesting features, reporting bugs or discussing ideas.

Special thanks to Thomas and Muthu. Logo design by Muthu.