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Telegram Directory (TGDR) is a website that helps you discover channels, bots and groups on Telegram.

Contributions and bug reports are welcome.

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Table of Contents

Key Features

  • Find channels, groups and bots in one place.
  • +18 categories to choose from
  • Sort by top, hot or new for each type and category
  • Approve and reject entries to filter out spam.
  • Like/dislike and review entries by users
  • Report system for entries and comments
  • Protect reviews from users that spam


  • TypeScript (Languge that compiles to JavaScript)
  • Node (Web server)
  • Express (Web server framework)
  • Passport (Authentication)
  • React (UI library)
  • Next (Universal/server-side rendered React)
  • Redux (State management)
  • styled-components (CSS styling solution library)
  • Telegraf (Telegram bot framework)
  • MongoDB (NoSQL database)
  • Redis (Cache layer)


You need to have Node.js, MongoBD and Redis installed on your machine.

  1. Clone this repository or download zip.
  2. Copy .example.env to .env and client.config.example to client.config.ts and fill them properly.
  3. Install dependencies: npm install.
  4. Make sure MongoDB is running.
  5. Run for development: npm run dev.
  6. Run for production: npm run build then npm start.


Pull requests are welcome. You'll probably find lots of improvements to be made.

Open issues for feedback, requesting features, reporting bugs or discussing ideas.