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Packaging files (RPMs, debs) for Foreman and its dependencies

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This git repo contains rpm and deb build files, patches, gem2rpm templates, and other stuff that might be useful for building packages of Foreman and its dependencies.

RPM packaging branches

The rpm/* branches contain the spec files for Foreman, related projects and its dependencies. Pull requests gladly accepted for these. rpm/develop is the first and best place to make changes, as it's branched for each release.

Koji's repos are built using the files under comps/, new packages and dependencies must be added here.

Debian packaging branches

The deb/* branches contain the Debian packaging files for Foreman and its dependencies. The repo mirrors Foreman Core, i.e. deb/develop is for packaging branch 'develop', deb/1.3 is for packaging release 1.3.x and so on


It's generally best to contribute to rpm/develop or deb/develop unless something is specifically broken for an older release. Please fork and send a PR.