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Lua API for CouchDB (

Update 2015-01-17:

Although I still fully intend to upgrade Luchia to Lua 5.2, I have not been able to do so yet. As of this writing, it only works with Lua 5.1, and some older versions of the dependencies. Using LuaRocks, the following will set up a working install on Lua 5.1:

luarocks install lua-cjson 2.1.0-1
luarocks install luasocket 2.0.2-5
luarocks install lualogging 1.3.0-1
luarocks install lunatest 0.9.1-1
luarocks install luacov 0.3-1
luarocks install luchia

If you'd like to help me with the Lua 5.2 upgrade (either with a patch or funding/sponsorship), please file an issue!


It is recommended to install the LuaRocks ( package manager, as all required and optional dependencies are easy to install via this method.


  • lua-cjson
  • lualogging
  • luasocket


  • stdlib (prettier output for luchia_get)
  • luadoc (to generate local documentation)
  • lunatest (to run unit tests)
  • luacov (to view unit test coverage)

With LuaRocks, simply run:

luarocks install luchia

For manual installation, copy luchia.lua and the luchia directory from the source directory, and put them somewhere in your Lua package path.


Available online at:

For local documentation, all documentation is inline, but is luadoc ( compatible. To generate HTML documentation, install luadoc, enter the source directory, then run:

/path/to/luadoc -d doc *.lua luchia/*.lua luchia/core/*.lua

If you don't want to go this route, then at least start with the inline documentation in luchia.lua.


The issue tracker for this project is provided to file bug reports, feature requests, and project tasks -- support requests are not accepted via the issue tracker. For all support-related issues, including configuration, usage, and training, consider hiring a competent consultant.

Unit tests

Luchia core classes have full unit test coverage. They can be run with:

cd /path/to/luchia/tests
lua run_unit_tests.lua -v

Integration tests

The higher-level Luchia classes (luchia.database, luchia.document, luchia.utilities) have a full integration test suite. To run it, make sure that the default server settings in luchia.conf point to a valid, running CouchDB instance with full administrative access, and run:

cd /path/to/luchia/tests
lua run_integration_tests.lua -v
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