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Releases: theimpossibleastronaut/rmw

rmw v0.9.1

17 May 18:30
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  • bugfix: In some cases, trashinfo file doesn't get removed (#400)

  • tests: build or rebuild binary before running script-based tests (fix for
    script-based test failures when 'meson test' is run in a clean build

  • on MacOS and *bsd, specifying the PKG_CONFIG_PATH is no longer needed to
    find the ncurses menu library
  • fix build on Alpine Linux (check for and link to musl-fts) Thanks to
    @eli-schwartz and Hello71 from #musl on Libera IRC.

Packaging status

To very signatures, use:

minisign -Vm <file> -P RWQ5AiSjYrIVoMPxKef7QdKLqQmiZvewAezjLCZHNUkE4/U0C48T3q4N

rmw v0.9.0

16 Feb 04:03
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  • When purging, '-ff' is no longer needed to confirm removal of
    non-writable expired directories and files
  • replace function used to remove directories with rm from FreeBSD;
    Thanks to @DiegoMagdaleno and @dcantrell
  • change message displayed to user when a file being rmw'ed is on a
    filesystem that doesn't haven't a WASTE folder defined
  • Ignore requests to ReMove top-level files, add --top-level-bypass option
    to bypass the protection
  • Ignore requests to ReMove user's home directory
  • bugfix: buffer underflow when calling trim_char() with empty
    string (Thanks to Christopher Wellons)
  • replace valgrind test setup with asan (-fsanitize)
  • the 'ESC' key can now be used to quit the restore file selection menu

Packaging status

To very signatures, use:

minisign -Vm <file> -P RWQ5AiSjYrIVoMPxKef7QdKLqQmiZvewAezjLCZHNUkE4/U0C48T3q4N

rmw v0.8.1 released

26 Jan 22:24
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  • the curses menu library is now much more likely to be found on *BSD

  • bugfix: when attempting to restore a file from a waste folder
    listed in the config file that has a trailing slash, rmw will no
    longer report that the file is not in a waste folder.

  • curses is no longer a requirement (configure -Dwithout-curses=true)

  • removed '-e' command line option ('--empty' option not affected)

Packaging status

To very signatures, use:

minisign -Vm <file> -P RWQ5AiSjYrIVoMPxKef7QdKLqQmiZvewAezjLCZHNUkE4/U0C48T3q4N

rmw v0.8.0 released

28 Jun 20:37
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  • The config option 'purge_after' has been deprecated and replaced
    with 'expire_age' ('purge_after' will still be accepted, but the user
    will be given a deprecation warning).

  • When '-u' is used, the mrl file will no longer be removed, but
    emptied instead. If a user gives the '-u' option when the mrl file is
    empty, they will get a friendlier message stating that there are no
    items in the list (instead of an error message about the file not
    being found).

  • fixed handling of dot dirs ('.' and '..'). Instead of giving an
    error message and quitting, rmw will print a message stating that
    they'll be skipped.

  • The environmental variable RMWTEST_HOME has been replaced with
    RMW_FAKE_HOME (Trying to use RMWTEST_HOME will give a deprecation
    warning and still work).

  • Expanded the man page and updated the README (improved documentation)

  • Replaced autotools build system with meson

  • rmw now uses the canfigger library for parsing the configuration file.

  • disabled a restore test that failed when 'make check' is run with
    superuser privileges

Packaging status


Prefer the -2 package. It corrects the version number and contains a minor documentation update. (2021-07-10)

a01b8472a7cbecc2bed5ba301e360f8defcd77821cef812051d68d4c38f12e95  rmw-0.8.0-2.tar.gz
783d2f88fa8184665f13b80bc030852ff206e97e2ac7a80f53d125816b04a381  rmw-0.8.0-2-x86_64.AppImage
17b11b771befb89adbd7764fb897dff1a32eed34f8cd4d8b495da7f2a66de3b8  rmw-0.8.0.tar.gz
b1766452b76a3736ccb03d45769fccdd5228d85b18476fb002d40f847b0c1333  rmw_0.8.0_amd64.deb
6ddc12d57ce254b6429b4b438d0d7cc8b2c37108c9d1c0717b98dba782a34733  rmw-0.8.0-x86_64.AppImage

rmw v0.7.09 released

06 May 18:59
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  • bugfix: filenames now display correctly when using '-vvg' (#308)

Packaging status


706afc9ededc60a0e235d05ceced08b1  rmw-0.7.09.tar.gz
5d62f8bafef85885c5f09492c3e306d4  rmw_0.7.09_amd64.deb
9f577cbb7c024a9949ccd76ff982a5ea  rmw-0.7.09-x86_64.AppImage


d0a85944d03e7ec2a94b25d6d6ac92880fd0d3f63d90bb9ed56b16418fd41c69  rmw-0.7.09.tar.gz
42594022d5990546ad6aece36e6800eb651b85b910a7b275570f88dd9e1654d7  rmw_0.7.09_amd64.deb
b6494f2ee22eaa7529098bcf1e54b979e4b4773803b14014aa3bdfb51146bdd7  rmw-0.7.09-x86_64.AppImage

rmw v0.7.08 released

29 Apr 16:44
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  • bugfix: fixes test failing on osx using xcode 11.5 and above (#283)


3cc21974aacc17f3635738b5a28f88cc rmw-0.7.08.tar.gz
3f1ea960209df09a8d9938a811c21e79 rmw_0.7.08_amd64.deb


1b9a840d74e2672e68e0f97dfe1cb9d907fe733c82ff24e44a53179f6367aada rmw-0.7.08.tar.gz
d41e8c078d4ccc115857074a41f35578d65092081460b96584c3f0680707b58f rmw_0.7.08_amd64.deb

rmw v0.7.07 released

26 Apr 19:20
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  • bugfix: When restoring files from removable media or devices, rmw
    will now process relative paths (this primarily affects users who
    trash a file with the "move to trash" option from their desktop, and
    then later try to restore with rmw. See
    #299 for more

  • bugfix: list output (rmw -lv) shows all removable devices as
    attached even for those that are detached.

  • Removed deprecated config option (purgeDays)

  • Minor updates to tests infrastructure

  • (for testing) Replace RMWTRASH(=fake-year) with RMW_FAKE_YEAR(=true)

Note to mac os users

Purging tests are failing on the Travis CI test
system when using xcode 11.5 and above. If you get errors while purging
or 'make check' fails for you, please report on issue


26d1911d3e2869e4da43df64c97ffc49  rmw-0.7.07.tar.gz
07cbb282d5c49ebd533457b7bd51a2eb  rmw_0.7.07_amd64.deb


f29f00d200d2fda86c58164230baa86559a3de9299d35617c0b37a4dddbadd32  rmw-0.7.07.tar.gz
9c24326378cc5aaaaf1804b50c456106bb810f6d12dc8f647a303c54ea202f1e  rmw_0.7.07_amd64.deb

rmw v0.7.06 released

01 Mar 16:03
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RMW Release Notes


  • When using -s,--select, the number of lines the terminal has will
    be checked. The number of items in the list will be based on that; if
    it doesn't meet the minumum requirement, rmw will exit.

  • Allow optional argument to -g/--purge that can override the value of
    'purge_after' in the configuration file (-g[N_DAYS], --purge[=N_DAYS]).

  • bugfix: restore broken symbolic links instead of giving a "file not
    found" message (issue #292)

  • Improved handling of file with leading hyphens

  • When an invalid option is given, usage output no longer displays

  • You can view how many days remain until a file is purged by using
    -vv (with -fg).

  • If lstat() encounters and error, also display the filename/directory it
    was attempting to access.

  • add '-m, --most-recent-list' option: list most recently rmw'ed files


9b5e0fcda2e32b1886efd50030e51a5e  rmw-0.7.06.tar.gz
59d1edc5004cff466fdf5c6080b28e41  rmw_0.7.06-1_amd64.deb


56a01c6f78348829e1a9ec821c8b979fe9da0c1e1bc4032439916c164b7975e5  rmw-0.7.06.tar.gz
6788d855d6f0c90fb506ff1f46c17cb60ccdb6d2a5a6a2b6efc55951e65039d6  rmw_0.7.06-1_amd64.deb

rmw v0.7.05 released

16 Jun 20:09
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=== RMW Release Notes ===

  • Fix for compiling with gcc 10 (Thanks to muralikodali and GazL)

  • rmw will now refuse to move a waste folder or a file that resides
    within a waste folder (This feature was in place before, but at some
    point Andy accidentally removed the code).

  • Feature removed: restore with '-z' using only the basename from any
    directory. User must be in a Trash directory or specify the full path
    (e.g. rmw -z ~/.local/share/Trash/ For details, see issue

  • Added '-R' option, changed '--recurse' option to '--recursive',
    added recursive (rm compatibility) options in --help output, fixed
    message shown when using '-r, --recursive'

  • Fixed broken purge test


adaa3ce4f4e10203e772d5d80c4a0b5a  rmw-0.7.05.tar.gz
96f4438945469fa6cdbbac7fb838835e  rmw_0.7.05_amd64.deb


c2c30e2255745e6e8bedae14fb4d6b2ec5a407461dbf362c650e35692240681d  rmw-0.7.05.tar.gz
208bf27362f7757f369c2905306da5140af9f3a781411176b81127f1184d4b7e  rmw_0.7.05_amd64.deb

rmw v0.7.04 released

12 Aug 21:11
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=== RMW Release Notes ===


  • To get user's home dir, revert back to retrieving via environmental
    variable (conforms to FreeDesktop Trash Spec)

  • The config file is now read from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/rmwrc or

  • lastpurge is now 'purge-time' and stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME/rmw or

  • lastrmw is now 'mrl' and stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME/rmw or

  • The default Waste folder (specified in the configuration file) is now
    ~/.local/share/Waste instead of ~/trash.rmw.

  • The ~/.config/rmw directory is no longer used. It can be deleted,
    but you may first want to copy your old configuration file to the new

See for more details.


4ca6fc8405883eba6ffe3d28bef43cc1  rmw-0.7.04.tar.gz
891e7333318f0e8afa2e0af0d30df9d9  rmw_0.7.04_amd64.deb
7a82252595027803898ad0303e4fca4c  rmw-0.7.04-static-1.x86_64.rpm


078bcffead7cc82564460bb8cfe22c3e36a63ecf58e8b563235989e173b06f74  rmw-0.7.04.tar.gz
1c979080d7638d3642b45e8deeacf5300ad738bc2109b9c69fa3e8d23ec50361  rmw_0.7.04_amd64.deb
3d5ed6c7003fa1fe342aa0dfd54dbb829ef32824e194ccc120ada9a470438796  rmw-0.7.04-static-1.x86_64.rpm