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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Mar 1, 2021

RMW Release Notes


  • When using -s,--select, the number of lines the terminal has will
    be checked. The number of items in the list will be based on that; if
    it doesn't meet the minumum requirement, rmw will exit.

  • Allow optional argument to -g/--purge that can override the value of
    'purge_after' in the configuration file (-g[N_DAYS], --purge[=N_DAYS]).

  • bugfix: restore broken symbolic links instead of giving a "file not
    found" message (issue #292)

  • Improved handling of file with leading hyphens

  • When an invalid option is given, usage output no longer displays

  • You can view how many days remain until a file is purged by using
    -vv (with -fg).

  • If lstat() encounters and error, also display the filename/directory it
    was attempting to access.

  • add '-m, --most-recent-list' option: list most recently rmw'ed files


9b5e0fcda2e32b1886efd50030e51a5e  rmw-0.7.06.tar.gz
59d1edc5004cff466fdf5c6080b28e41  rmw_0.7.06-1_amd64.deb


56a01c6f78348829e1a9ec821c8b979fe9da0c1e1bc4032439916c164b7975e5  rmw-0.7.06.tar.gz
6788d855d6f0c90fb506ff1f46c17cb60ccdb6d2a5a6a2b6efc55951e65039d6  rmw_0.7.06-1_amd64.deb
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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Jun 16, 2020

=== RMW Release Notes ===

  • Fix for compiling with gcc 10 (Thanks to muralikodali and GazL)

  • rmw will now refuse to move a waste folder or a file that resides
    within a waste folder (This feature was in place before, but at some
    point Andy accidentally removed the code).

  • Feature removed: restore with '-z' using only the basename from any
    directory. User must be in a Trash directory or specify the full path
    (e.g. rmw -z ~/.local/share/Trash/ For details, see issue

  • Added '-R' option, changed '--recurse' option to '--recursive',
    added recursive (rm compatibility) options in --help output, fixed
    message shown when using '-r, --recursive'

  • Fixed broken purge test


adaa3ce4f4e10203e772d5d80c4a0b5a  rmw-0.7.05.tar.gz
96f4438945469fa6cdbbac7fb838835e  rmw_0.7.05_amd64.deb


c2c30e2255745e6e8bedae14fb4d6b2ec5a407461dbf362c650e35692240681d  rmw-0.7.05.tar.gz
208bf27362f7757f369c2905306da5140af9f3a781411176b81127f1184d4b7e  rmw_0.7.05_amd64.deb

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Aug 12, 2019

=== RMW Release Notes ===


  • To get user's home dir, revert back to retrieving via environmental
    variable (conforms to FreeDesktop Trash Spec)

  • The config file is now read from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/rmwrc or

  • lastpurge is now 'purge-time' and stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME/rmw or

  • lastrmw is now 'mrl' and stored in $XDG_DATA_HOME/rmw or

  • The default Waste folder (specified in the configuration file) is now
    ~/.local/share/Waste instead of ~/trash.rmw.

  • The ~/.config/rmw directory is no longer used. It can be deleted,
    but you may first want to copy your old configuration file to the new

See for more details.


4ca6fc8405883eba6ffe3d28bef43cc1  rmw-0.7.04.tar.gz
891e7333318f0e8afa2e0af0d30df9d9  rmw_0.7.04_amd64.deb
7a82252595027803898ad0303e4fca4c  rmw-0.7.04-static-1.x86_64.rpm


078bcffead7cc82564460bb8cfe22c3e36a63ecf58e8b563235989e173b06f74  rmw-0.7.04.tar.gz
1c979080d7638d3642b45e8deeacf5300ad738bc2109b9c69fa3e8d23ec50361  rmw_0.7.04_amd64.deb
3d5ed6c7003fa1fe342aa0dfd54dbb829ef32824e194ccc120ada9a470438796  rmw-0.7.04-static-1.x86_64.rpm

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Aug 6, 2019

  • rmw now gets the user's HOMEDIR from a passwd struct (see, not from the environmental

  • A waste folder can now use the $UID (user id) variable. Example:

  • Because rmw automatically creates a config file in the user's home
    directory, rmw no longer searches in /etc (or /usr/local/etc..) for rmwrc.
    It can be removed from your system if installed previously.

  • A lot of code clean-up and refactoring since the last release.

See the ChangeLog for more details about this release.


rmw-patch-0.7.03-2_20190807.patch is a low-priority patch that can be applied to v0.7.03 and will bump the version to 0.7.03-2.


842dfc25b845c2ee40e434c0e508d5da  rmw-0.7.03.tar.gz
c8b9c99b69f0cf558625156f32633571  rmw_0.7.03-1_amd64.deb
744c5aa1c055b6eae02b6a0cf52a4d4a  rmw-0.7.03_static-2.x86_64.rpm
31c2389398a49fae7924e9fa971d2c81  rmw-patch-0.7.03-2_20190807.patch


60750279980b450df5b62f12a7c7153584b41acba7bdb4ecf96def043d50f71a  rmw-0.7.03.tar.gz
82063f725e13fa89a0e95351e62cdc26bd20d23b5a311780fcb6e996c84aabc0  rmw_0.7.03-1_amd64.deb
9d9fd010b20687f9bb90a99c6137922808c8f35a3cdbfdaa4c1e3aded3642cd7  rmw-0.7.03_static-2.x86_64.rpm
e1636ae860356ab6be8288c401af94721e65975e16e455ec8d6eab505210d29b  rmw-patch-0.7.03-2_20190807.patch
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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Jul 9, 2019

rmw v0.7.02 has been released. See the ChangeLog for details.

0d4f68fc331951d68b382c40acc809c2 rmw-0.7.02.tar.gz

a2f575b162617d917d4287ddc0c398ff rmw_0.7.02-1_amd64.deb

8a80ce3249488d411dd9216b908eb4d3 rmw-0.7.02_static-2.x86_64.rpm

61619744c7db3e9a12b234d63903beeb347f73053b568eeeaa8df2a108cd1d5e mw-0.7.02.tar.gz

0ec0621b36144a286f584ea08a448565059ace63b26126380724995e37beec21 rmw_0.7.02-1_amd64.deb

d4f84d585bc07f80f2ac00e13dfe3038ecaaa43bb2813a00f748131eeb474ff1 rmw-0.7.02_static-2.x86_64.rpm

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Dec 5, 2018

rmw v0.7.01 has been released. See the ChangeLog for details.

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Oct 24, 2018

See the ChangeLog for details.

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Dec 28, 2017


rmw v0.4.03 has been released

Please see contributors to
view the list of people who have helped shape this release.

Bugfix: Errors displayed while creating necessary directories, which
would happen if only one WASTE folder was listed in the config file.

A Portuguese (pt_PT) translation has been added.

If you would like to add a translation, please see the Translating wiki page
for information and instructions.

The last major release of rmw was v0.4.01, which was released on
2017-12-20. See the NEWS file for
information about many other notable changes and improvements to rmw.

We are now using Slack for the rmw chat room.
Anyone who is interested in rmw may join, regardless of their
contribution level.

Please visit the web site and leave feedback; bug reports are also

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Dec 21, 2017

rmw 0.4.01 has been released

Please see the
contributors file to
see a list of the people who have helped shape this release.

Martijn de Boer has done some testing and found that rmw will build and run on
Linux, Mac OS X, and *BSD. He also reports that it builds and runs on Windows
using WSL. We'd like rmw to have
the ability to run natively on Windows and if anyone is interested in helping
with that, please subscribe to the
ticket, or leave a comment.

The --select feature now displays a list that can be scrolled through, and
file sizes are now shown next to each file.

libncurses(5 or 6)-dev is now required to build (used for the --select

Support for translating output messages using
gettext has been added. rmw has been
translated into the following languages:
* Dutch
* Finnish
* Nepali
* Polish

If you would like to add a translation, please see the Translating wiki
for information and

man pages are now available in the following languages:

* de
* en
* es
* fi
* ne
* nl_NL
* pl
* pt_BR

-t --translate option added. This option will display a
translation of the config file in your native language. Unfortunately, as
mentioned above, only 4 languages are supported at present.

-ff option added. Using extra force at runtime (-ff) will now prevent messages
such as "Directory not purged - still contains files" when purging directories
that contain non-writable subdirectories.

A new feature for testing has been added. Temporarily setting the RMWTRASH
environmental variable at run-time to "fake-year" will write the year 1999 to
the DeletionDate string in the .trashinfo file when removed with rmw.

Ex: `RMWTRASH=fake-year rmw some.txt temp.asc files.doc`

Then run rmw with the purge option: rmw -fg and those three files would be

If purge_after is > 0, rmw will only show the message "purge has been
skipped: use -f or --force" once a day, regardless of verbosity level. This
improves the behavior where that message would display every time if --force
wasn't used (or if "force_not_required" was used in the config file).

-o, --orphaned option added This will create a .trashinfo file if the
corresponding .trashinfo is not found (missing trashinfo files were a problem
in the early days of testing. If it happens now, it would be because of a bug
that has yet to be discovered).

The -p, --pause option has been removed

The undo_file (lastrmw) is now removed after when -u is used.

We are now using Slack for the rmw chat
Anyone who is interested in rmw may join, regardless of their contribution

Please visit the web site and leave feedback; bug reports are also requested.

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@andy5995 andy5995 released this Nov 26, 2017

Includes some code refactoring and an updated POT file.

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