Code for my M.F.A exhibition. It includes a Max/MSP component, a Python component and a JS/AJAX component that interact with each other.
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Anything Worth Saying - Exhibition Code

This is the code for my M.F.A exhibition. It consists of 3 components written in MAX/MSP (written?), Python and HTML/JS/PHP/AJAX. The MAX/MSP component runs on one computer and and is designed to be an interface to record videos. THe python files sniffs out videos and converts them to .mp4, creates a thumbnnail and creates a JSON to be read by AJAX. The HTML component is a user interface that plays these created videos instantly (Sniffing out for new JSON files with AJAX)[index-auto.php] or may be accesed for the user to interact with these videos with the mouse [index.php].

I only post this code for future reference.

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