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A workload-centric stress tool for Apache Cassandra. Designed for simplicity, no math degree required.
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tlp-stress: A workload centric stress tool and framework

This project is a work in progress.

Please see our Google Group for discussion.

cassandra-stress is a configuration-based tool for doing benchmarks and testing simple datamodels for Apache Cassandra. Unfortunately it can be difficult to configure a workload. There are faily common data models and workloads seen on Apache Cassandra, this tool aims to provide a means of executing configurable, pre-defined profiles.

Full docs are here (sort of, work in progress):


Clone this repo, then build with gradle:

git clone
cd tlp-stress
./gradlew assemble

Use the shell script wrapper to start and get help:

bin/tlp-stress -h


Time series workload with a billion operations:

bin/tlp-stress run BasicTimeSeries -i 1B

Key value workload with a million operations across 5k partitions, 50:50 read:write ratio:

bin/tlp-stress run KeyValue -i 1M -p 5k -r .5

Time series workload, using TWCS:

bin/tlp-stress run BasicTimeSeries -i 10M --compaction "{'class':'TimeWindowCompactionStrategy', 'compaction_window_size': 1, 'compaction_window_unit': 'DAYS'}"

Time series workload with a run lasting 1h and 30mins:

bin/tlp-stress run BasicTimeSeries -d "1h 30m"
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