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Install PLUGIN NAME with Sketchpacks

Colormate Sketch Plugin 🌈

This free plugin gives you an impression of all the colours in your Sketch file and how many times a certain colour is being used.

Why this Plugin? 🤔

During designing we often found ourselves ending up with fifty different shades of grey. (and of course other colours) Sometimes we would just lose ourselves in designing and don't keep track of all the colours that we used. But this is not ideal when you have to hand it over to the development team.

That's why we've created this plugin to help designers keep track of the colours in the file, without having to add the colours to the document colours first!

Did we peak your interest already? 🧐

Installation ⚙️

  1. Download the latest Colormate release
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Double-click Colormate.sketchplugin to install

Getting started 💪

Did you already download the plugin? Good. Let's get started then!

Open your Sketch file and run the plugin by using the shortcut "CMD+Shift+8" on Mac or "CTRL+Shift+8" on Windows. You're also able to run the plugin by going to "Plugins" in the top nav bar and then select the Colormate plugin.

The plugin starts with scanning every layer in the file and gathering all the colours that are being used in text, symbols & objects. This may take some seconds if you have a really big file. (But we provided you with a nice gif to look at while waiting 😎)

When the plugin is done scanning your file, you will get an overview of all the colours you've used in the document. You will be able to see the colour number, how many times this colour has been used and if this colour has an opacity value. Now you're able to see that there are two types of red that you're using: #CC0000 has been used 117 times, but #C50909 has only been used 3 times.

Future plans 🚀

We're not going to sit back and let the plugin work its magic. We're continously working on developping new features. The following features are on our planning:

  • Seeing where the colours are being used
  • Being able to select a certain colour from the plugin in your file
  • Being able to replace a colour with another colour, within the plugin
  • Run the plugin on a specific selection, instead of the whole file

If you can think of any other functionalities, please let us know! 🤩

Made with ❤️ by The Main Ingredient

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