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Welcome to the first ever Twitter Annotations Hackfest! This is going to be a physical and virtual hackfest and we’ll use this page to coordinate all the activities and keep a log of all the great work that happens over the weekend.


We are providing a preview of the Annotations API so that developers can help us figure out what they want to make of it in case we need to make any changes before launch. Unlike most other APIs that we offer, the Annotations API is what people make of it and we want to work with developers to help define the most interesting use cases and to make sure that we are supporting all their needs. We look forward to working with the community to define the value in it and your work this weekend is going to be really valuable.

Small teams and single developers will hack on the API over the weekend and then showcase their work in front of a stellar set of judges:

  • Mike Abbott, Twitter
  • Ron Conway, SVAngel
  • Paul Graham, YCombinator
  • David Lee, SVAngel

Where & When

Physically at Twitter HQ, 795 Folsom St, 6th Floor
Virtually will be streamed on Justin.tv (URL TBD). If you are joining us remotely, consider throwing yourself up on a webcam so we can put you up on the projector. Add your URL to remote attendees

The event will be running from Saturday, May 29th 1pm PDT to Sunday, May 30th, 5pm PDT. Judging can only be done for local teams and will begin at 5pm on Sunday.


Official event hashtag is #tanhf

Getting Access to the Annotations API

We need to whitelist developer accounts to have access to the API. Make sure you have filled out your info here and we will register the accounts you list on there: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/viewform?formkey=dDlXT0YwRHhwNFZvR3NkcUFHbTAtOHc6MQ

Annotations API Documentation

Annotations Overview
Annotations Code Samples


If you are having problems getting access to the Annotations API, ping @noradio, @rsarver, @brianellin or @knox for help.

Remote Attendees

List yourselves here and if you are live streaming yourself or your team on a webcam, please provide the link and we’ll rotate webcams on the big projector here. We won’t be able to offer much support for remote attendees, but we look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

Your name / team name – project name – webcam URL
TweetPlugs – http://www.tweetplugs.com screencast: http://bit.ly/dr1zba


As teams start to make their work publicly visible, post URLs to your work so others can check it out.

Your name / team name – project name – project URL