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This is a sed implementation of the 2048 game. All of the game logic is in sed. Bash is used to supply the sed script with user input and with pseudo-random numbers.

Use the W, A, S, D keys to control. Run with:

$ ./src/

Disable colorized output with:

$ ./src/ --no-color

Gameplay difference from the original 2048 game:

  • None that I'm aware of :)

Here's a demo of me button-mashing.

Note for OS X users: The version of sed installed by default has different options than the Linux one. Notably, it does not have the extended-regex option -r. A compatible version is available through homebrew: brew install gnu-sed --default-names (the --default-names flag is used to ensure it installs as sed and not gsed). You can also build the latest version from here: