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A WordPress plugin that displays mp3 playlists on archive pages for mp3 files and audio posts.
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Cryns Family Music Archives

A plugin that generates mp3 playlists on archive pages and single posts for the Cryns Family Music Archives.

  • The plugin works out of the box on every WordPress theme.
  • It creates an Audio File custom post type.
  • It adds support for the Audio File Post Format
  • It adds taxonomies for Band Name, Album Title, etc.
  • It utilizes the "audio_file" custom field. You'll want to use ACF or similar to create this field on your Audio File post types.

Single audio post view using default Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme

Archive/Taxonomy view using default Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme


  1. Create custom field UI for Audio File field.


  1. Maybe use media library rather than posts...not sure about this, because we would need to use media meta, which is not really in most people's workflows... I do like the idea of using the media library - i.e. go and get all audio files out of the media library... This would be an AMAZING solution for folks who don't use the taxonomies. I actually think maybe all of the taxonomy stuff might belong on the media post type rather than the cryns_audio_file post type. Just brainstorming here... USE CASE #1: Podcaster who does not categorize anything. USE CASE #2:...
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