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A WordPress plugin that saves the number of social shares of your articles (from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google +1) as post_meta information
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Plugin Name: TNW Social Count
Plugin URI:
Description: TNW Social Count is a WordPress plugin that solves the problem of social sharing the proper way. No more third-party scripts that slow down your site and ugly buttons that clutter your design.
The plugin has two parts: The backend part saves the number of Twitter retweets, Facebook likes, Google Plus and LinkedIn shares as post_meta information. 
The frontend part renders a share button on the same fashion as on The Next Web blog. 
Version: 1.0
Author: Pablo Román for The Next Web
Author URI:

After activating the plugin, just include the following snippet of code in your theme, wherever you want the button to appear:

			if(function_exists('render_tnwsc_button')) {
				echo render_tnwsc_button();
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