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WIM Witch
PowerShell C#
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thenotoriousdrr WIM Witch v1.1.2
-Added functionality to prevent installation in script respository folder
-Add SCConfigMg icon
Latest commit cffc140 Oct 14, 2019
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PS Scripts v1.1.2 Oct 14, 2019
ScrewingAround First Commit Jul 19, 2019
WIM Witch Tabbed Updating Files Aug 1, 2019
WimWitch First Commit Jul 19, 2019
.gitignore Added Logs and Make It So Jul 20, 2019
LICENSE Initial commit Jul 19, 2019
WIMWitch.ps1 WIM Witch v1.1.2 Oct 14, 2019
WIMWitch_bak.ps1 WIM Witch v1.1.1 Oct 8, 2019
test.txt Create test.txt Jul 19, 2019
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