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from google.appengine.ext import db
from google.appengine.api import mail
from google.appengine.ext import webapp
from google.appengine.ext.webapp import template
from google.appengine.api.app_identity import get_application_id
import hashlib
import time
import re
from datetime import datetime
from operator import itemgetter
import urllib
class BaseHandler(webapp.RequestHandler):
def error(self, code):
super(BaseHandler, self).error(code)
if code == 404:
self.response.out.write(template.render("templates/404.html", {}))
# otherwise, let it slide
# useful constants
ERROR = -1
INIT = 0
DONE = 2
def prefetch_refprop(entities, prop):
ref_keys = [prop.get_value_for_datastore(x) for x in entities]
ref_entities = dict((x.key(), x) for x in db.get(set(ref_keys)))
for entity, ref_key in zip(entities, ref_keys):
prop.__set__(entity, ref_entities[ref_key])
return entities
# generate hashes
def generate_hash(base):
md5 = hashlib.md5()
return md5.hexdigest()
def generate_random_hash(base):
return generate_hash(base + str(time.time()))
# slugs
def slugify(s):
return re.sub("\W",'', s).lower()
def get_or_make(Obj, key_name):
"""Retrieves or creates the object keyed on key_name
Returns tuple with object and boolean indicating whether it was created"""
def txn(key_name):
made = False
entity = Obj.get_by_key_name(key_name)
if entity is None:
entity = Obj(key_name=key_name)
made = True
return (entity, made)
return db.run_in_transaction(txn, key_name)