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Control software for the Inland (FURI KEYSHINE) USB LED Badge.
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thentenaar Update the GTK+ 2.x GUI
Tthis stuff certainly ain't my best work ever, but I'm leaving the
structure of the code largely intact, as it still works perfectly.

I made a few cosmetic alterations, and updated it to add an error
dialog, and to work around some deprecated functions; but otherwise it's
largely the same as it was when I wrote it years ago.

It's interesting how the way you code changes over time.
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A simple program for manupulating the FURI KEYSHINE USB Bage (0x04d9:0xe002). I've included both a CLI utility (usb-badge-cli), and a GUI utility (usb-badge-gui). The CLI was originally contributed by Jeff Jahr, and some patches were contributed by Cody Boisclair.

The GUI requires GTK+ >= 2.14.0.


Copyright (C) 2009-2016 Tim Hentenaar

Usage: usb-badge-cli [options...]

        -h Show this message
        -d Dump message data. Valid values are: 1 - Dump, 0 - Don't.
        -l Set the brighness of the display. Valid values are 0-7.
        -i Index of message to dump or modify. Valid values are 0-4.
        -a Set the display action. Valid values are:
                0 - Move                    1 - Flash, then move
                2 - Scroll Up               3 - Scroll Down
                4 - Flash                   5 - Freeze

        -s Set the update speed of the message. Valid values are 0-7.
        -m Set the message text (136 chars max.)
        -x Set the message data as a hexadecimal string (136 bytes max.)

        Dumping all message data:     src/usb-badge-cli -d
        Dumping a specific message:   src/usb-badge-cli -d -i <index>
        Setting luminance:            src/usb-badge-cli -l 2
        Setting speed/action:         src/usb-badge-cli -i <index> -s 2 -a 1
        Updating message text:        src/usb-badge-cli -i <index> -m Message


See the LICENSE file for details. The bundled hidapi is distributed under its included BSD license.


Building is as simple as:

$ ./ && make && make install

Note that you can pass arguments to configure via for example:

$ ./ --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

On Linux, udev rules for the converter will also be installed in $(sysconfdir)/udev/rules.d which will give cause the badge to be owned by the plugdev group, with permissions of 0660. Thus, you may want to pass --sysconfdir=/etc to configure.

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